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Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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981National Library of IrelandMs11058Miscellaneous letters including a 17th century lette...Ormonde Papers
1527National Library of IrelandMs25031668-1673Correspondence of Elizabeth, first Duchess of Ormond...Ormonde Papers
1528National Library of IrelandMs25141621-1653
Collection includes documents relating to the marria...Ormonde Papers
1864National Library of IrelandMss2499-11,046(1-96)1640-1707See National Library of Ireland special list A17 Ms...Ormonde Papers
1865National Library of IrelandMs11,047(1-91)1660-1680Documents and papers relating to the financial affai...Ormonde Papers
2586National Library of IrelandMs110701705Notice concerning the free public school in Kilkenny...Ormonde Papers
3507National Library of IrelandMs11046Documents concerning the Earl and Countess of Desmon...Ormonde Papers
3508National Library of IrelandMs110471657-1680Lettters and accounts relating to Thomas Earl of Oss...Ormonde Papers
3511National Library of IrelandMs110541797-1827Letters and other documents including letters of J H...Ormonde Papers
3512National Library of IrelandMs110551803-1819Miscellaneous letters, including letters to, or con...Ormonde Papers
1866National Library of Ireland11,048(1-184)-11,053(1-141630-1758Ms11,048, Miscellaneous documents and papers relatin...Ormonde Papers
1867National Library of IrelandMss11,054-11,059(1-13)1604-1913Ms11,054 Letters of T H Price-Clarke to his daught...Ormonde Papers
1868National Library of IrelandMss11,062-Ms11,0671623-1805Ms11,062 21 items, 1623-1805. Includes petition of R...Ormonde Papers
3513National Library of IrelandMs11061-11063Miscellaneous documents including brief rentals.Ormonde Papers
3514National Library of IrelandMs110711857Twelve documents relating to the case of the Dublin ...Ormonde Papers
9331National Library of IrelandM 235211899Album relating to the visit of the Duke and Duchess ...Ormonde Papers
9332National Library of IrelandMs23522List of persons to be invited to balls [held at Kilk...Ormonde Papers
9341National Library of IrelandMss23578-236671878-1942Ninety two letterbooks of the Ormonde estate, contai...Ormonde Papers
9342National Library of IrelandMs237891706Rent roll of the estates of the Duke of Ormonde, Cou...Ormonde Papers
9343National Library of IrelandMs23790c1703-1728Rent roll of the Arran estates, Counties Carlow, Dub...Ormonde Papers
9344National Library of IrelandMs238081839-1857Letterbook of Henry Lloyd and J Walsh, agents for th...Ormonde Papers
9345National Library of IrelandMs238101841Rate Book of the electoral division of Kilcash, Carr...Ormonde Papers
9346National Library of IrelandMs238111808An index to, and a brief alphabetical of rental of t...Ormonde Papers
9347National Library of IrelandMss23812-238151848-1891Four Rent Ledgers of the Garryricken, County Kilkenn...Ormonde Papers
9348National Library of IrelandMss 23819-238221851-1891Rent Ledgers of the Kilcash estate of the Marquess o...Ormonde Papers
9349National Library of IrelandMs238231854-1876Register of assistance given to tenants for improvem...Ormonde Papers
9350National Library of IrelandMs238241856-1867Account of the Marchioness of Ormonde as executrix a...Ormonde Papers
9351National Library of IrelandMss23825-23826c1876-1910Two Account Books of the Marchioness of Ormonde's cl...Ormonde Papers
9352National Library of IrelandMss23827-238291880-1888Three Rent Account Books of the Kilcash estate, 1880...Ormonde Papers
9353National Library of IrelandMss23830-238321881-1888Three Rent Account Books of the Garryricken estate, ...Ormonde Papers
9354National Library of IrelandMss23895-238981892-1936Town Rents, Head Rents and Rent Charges books of the...Ormonde Papers
9355National Library of IrelandMss23899-239101878-1949Head Rent, Tithe Rent Charges and City Rent Books of...Ormonde Papers
9356National Library of IrelandMss23913-239141878-1888Two Rent Books, Neenagh district estates of the Marq...Ormonde Papers
9357National Library of IrelandMss23915-239281879-1950Fourteen Rent Books of the Kilkenny and Tipperary es...Ormonde Papers
9358National Library of IrelandMs239291898-1906Rent Book of the Marquess of Ormonde, Nenagh distric...Ormonde Papers
9359National Library of IrelandMss23932-23934c1849-1892Three Cash Receipts and Payments Books, c1849-1892.Ormonde Papers
9360National Library of IrelandMs23952c1883?Map and register of tenants, with observations, esta...Ormonde Papers
9361National Library of IrelandMs239541865-1888Register of rebates to tenants for improvements on t...Ormonde Papers
9362National Library of IrelandMs 23955-23956Feb. 1904Proposals for sale of holdings to tenants [judicial ...Ormonde Papers
9363National Library of IrelandMs239571854-1880List of houses built on the estate of the Marquess o...Ormonde Papers
9364National Library of IrelandMss23958-23960c1891-1906Three Rent Ledgers of the Kilcash, County Tipperary ...Ormonde Papers
9365National Library of IrelandMss23961-239641904Proposals for the sale of holdings to tenants, judic...Ormonde Papers
9366National Library of IrelandMss23965-23968c1889-1907Rent Ledgers of the Dunmore, Garryricken and Kilcash...Ormonde Papers
9367National Library of IrelandMss23969-239741904Copies of proposals for the sale of holdings to tena...Ormonde Papers
9368National Library of IrelandMss23975-239831885-1923Tenants' Notebooks mostly relating to the estate of ...Ormonde Papers
9369National Library of IrelandMs23989c1924-1935Account Book of the investments of the Countess of O...Ormonde Papers
9372National Library of IrelandMss23995-239961904Copies of proposals for sale to tenants, non-judicia...Ormonde Papers
9373National Library of IrelandMs23998c1900Maps and lists of tenants of the estates of the Marq...Ormonde Papers
9471National Library of IrelandMs25024c1880-1885Alphabetical index of tenants on the estates of The ...Ormonde Papers
9472National Library of IrelandMs25025c.1854-1880Register of tenants on the estates of the Marquess o...Ormonde Papers
9473National Library of IrelandMs25026c.1845-1862Register of petitions to the land agent by tenants o...Ormonde Papers
9474National Library of IrelandMs250391884-1905Register of tenants of the estates of the Marquess o...Ormonde Papers
9475National Library of IrelandMs250401887-1889Letter-book of Lord Arthur Butler relating to estate...Ormonde Papers
9478National Library of IrelandMs25056c1899-1903Tenants' Notebook of the estate of Marquess of Ormon...Ormonde Papers
9479National Library of IrelandMs250581847-1871Tenant's notebook of the estates of the Marquess of ...Ormonde Papers
10740National Library of IrelandMs19804Commonplace Book of Anna-Maria, Marchioness of Ormon...Ormonde Papers
10741National Library of IrelandMs198131856-1871Diary of Frances Jane, Countess of Ormonde, 1856-187...Ormonde Papers