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13106Armagh County Museum1962/1701841-1842Rent Book, Dartry estate, County Armagh for November...
19120Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 71841A letter from Mrs Foster suggesting that her husband...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19121Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 71841A letter from Revd. W.H. Foster apologising for his ...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19127Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 81841A letter stating that Lady Elizabeth McClintock was ...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19132Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 81841-1843A petition of Mrs Susan James, Wexford, the wife of ...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19133Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 91841-1843Details on the parish of Loughgilly, 1841-1843, whic...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
4227Church of Ireland CentreMs1061833-1841Committee Minutes and Resolutions, 17 August 1833-10...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4228Church of Ireland CentreMs1071841-1863Committee Minutes and Resolutions, 17 April 1841-2 J...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
17001Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18411796.20/3/1841 Instruction for reception of Miss Ho...Bishop W. Keane Papers
3701Cork City and County ArchivesU211841-c1843Notebook of Robert Bennett, Recorder of Cork on case...
12998Cork City and County ArchivesU1381609-1841Youghal Corporation Records,1609-1841, includes minu...
22928Delany Archive Box Bp/10 File FH/1841/184127. 31 July 1841 SC Propaganda Fide Rome, to Bishop ...Papers of Dr Francis Haly, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
3426Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/5/1841-1958Minute Books (Not Digitised):CH/BV/5/1314. 13 July 1...Letterkenny Poor Law Union
3373Donegal County ArchivesCH/BG/6; CH/BV/6; CH/BV/71841-1923Milford Poor Law Union Minute Books (Digitised):Milf...Milford Poor Law Union
7566Down County MuseumDB221839-1841
2 bound account books of Alexander Lacy, County Down...
22212Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1831-184144 'CMcA's Foundations 1831-1841', 1 sectionJohn MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
22219Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1837-184151 Copies of extracts concerning Catherine McAuley i...John MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
22225Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1831-184157 Lists of Sisters who 'Entered Baggot Street 1831-...John MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
22226Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1837-184158 Lists of 'Sisters who entered from July 1837 to N...John MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
22229Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1827-184161 Notebook with note on cover 'Sisters of Mercy 182...John MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
20926King's Hospital School1-16a1841-185612 Board Minute Book, 1841-1856.King's Hospital Records
19032Limerick ArchivesLA L/MIN/1841-19721. Limerick City Council Minute Book 11 Novembe...Limerick City Council Minute Books
6986Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.1894)1840-1841Poster. Account of the Governors and Governesses of ...
13107Limerick MuseumAQNO (000.1895)1841-1842Poster. Account of the Governors and Governesses of ...
1078Loreto ArchivesP2/2 B41833-1841Correspondence relating to Navan includes:10 July 18...Correspondence relating to Navan
14128Louth County Archives1841Estate of the Right Honourable Sir A Foster. Particu...
14151Louth County Archives1831-1841Borough of Dundalk, Minutes, May 1831 - July 1841.
18587Maynooth University and St Patrick's College, MaynoothPP/331809-1841155 items, 113 of which are letters from Howe Peter ...The Marquess of Sligo Archive
14552Mayo Local History Department1841-1913Workhouse Financial Records, 1841-1913.Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
20302Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox A/18417 Letter, 1841.Mountainstown Documents
21572Monaghan County Museum1841-1852
Castleblayney Workhouse, Registers and Minutes, 1841...
759National Archives of Ireland999/66918416 June 1841, Census return for Florence McCarthy and...
614National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1841-1883Indoor Relief Registers:G1 1841 - 1945G3 1847 - 1849...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
8895National Archives of IrelandM6933/3/21782-1841Miscellaneous Rentals of Blake estates: May 1782 May...Ballyglunin Papers
8897National Archives of IrelandM6933/101821
Bundle of rentals of various portions of the Blake e...Ballyglunin Papers
8898National Archives of IrelandM6933/28-291828-1841Account Book, Brooklodge, relating to wages, house a...Ballyglunin Papers
11434National Archives of IrelandPCOMB/11/3/764-7731841-1848Privy Council Minute Book, Number 11, 2 September 18...Privy Council Records
11523National Archives of Ireland1841Letter from J. Horan to Mrs Cecilia Rossiter Byrne, ...Byrne Papers
15397National Archives of Ireland 99/56/10/311841Papers relating to King's County. Castellammare ...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
15398National Archives of Ireland 99/56/10/32/11841Papers relating to King's County. Release for lives ...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
15452National Archives of Ireland 999/22/21841Marriage Settlement between Patrick Kain, Multifarna...Small Private Accessions
15553National Archives of Ireland 999/168/41841-1976Notes concerning the descendants of Jacob Young and ...Small Private Accessions
921National Library of IrelandMs58391835-1841Cash book of Martha Roberts, landholder, Old Conna, ...
1948National Library of IrelandMs84621841A poem on the Blessed Virgin by Felicia Heman with a...
2745National Library of IrelandMs20946c1841-1958Eleven letters from John D'Alton to his wife Kate, m...D'Alton Papers
2748National Library of IrelandMs209511841Letter to John D'Alton from his son William, enclosi...D'Alton Papers
2756National Library of IrelandMs20,9661841Two letters to Kate D'Alton of Dublin from her daugh...D'Alton Papers
2758National Library of IrelandMs20969c1838-1841Miscellaneous papers concerning John D'Alton, mainly...D'Alton Papers
2899National Library of IrelandMs 85531841-1859Rentals and miscellaneous documents, includes, among...
2983National Library of IrelandMs91431841Includes a photocopy of a grant to Mary Thorp, widow...
2984National Library of IrelandMs91451841Photocopy of a lease by Samuel Thorp to Mary Thorp, ...
5014National Library of IrelandMs32606/1-31841-1872Expenses Ledger: 51 30 January 1841-25 March 1848 5...Mendicity Institute
9293National Library of IrelandMs233111841-1846Household Account Book of Maria Edgeworth with some ...Edgeworth Papers
9345National Library of IrelandMs238101841Rate Book of the electoral division of Kilcash, Carr...Ormonde Papers
9587National Library of IrelandMs298041838-1841Statement of receipts and arrears, 1838-1841.Bessborough Papers
9626National Library of IrelandMs273581818-1841Miscellaneous letters, 1818-1841, including letters ...O'Bryne Papers
9635National Library of IrelandMs29767(16)1841Lease by John H Ryan to Anne Doyle, widow, and James...Hibernian Mining Company Papers
10107National Library of IrelandMs164181841-1850Rent Ledger of the Bray, Calary and Kilmacanoge area...Hodson Papers
10892National Library of IrelandMs217031841Three letters of the O'Connell family, includes a no...
6205Omagh Library1841-1999Microfilmed copy of the census of population for Cou...Local Studies Collection
21392Our Lady's Hospital, Cork1841-1852Copy of longitudinal section through the centre buil...
6303Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/9/1841-1948All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Clogher Board of Guardian Records
6339Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/11/11841Deed of trust by Anne Hall, Dublin: subscription of ...
6482Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1195/31841-1867Letters to Eleanor Wallace, Newtownards, from her co...McIlwrath and Wallace Papers
7878Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1119/11821-1841Copy of a list of Stewarts in certain townlands in C...
6714Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/19611841-1855This collection of 8 documents and 1 volume includes...
7100Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/27771841-1920The O'Hagan papers contain c5000 documents and are o...O'Hagan Papers
7219Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/31391803-1841Household account book kept by Mrs William Tennent, ...
8009Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1476/11841-1905Genealogical notes and correspondence relating to th...
8181Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2006/11841Certified copy of extracts from the 1841 census rela...
8539Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/3036/61841Copy of a passenger list of emigrants on board the s...
8639Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/611/11821-1841Copies of extracts from the census returns for Count...
8707Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/881/11841Copy of a portion of census return, including Mary M...
8235Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2146/11841Copy of a newspaper cutting from the Belfast News-Le...
8538Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/3034/1-21840-1841Copies of two letters from Elizabeth McCleland, Dunr...
8619Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/5501841-1851Copy of census abstracts recording old age pension c...
8638Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/6071821-1841Copy of an extract from the census returns in Record...
2271RCSI Heritage CollectionsLOAn/3/5c1841-1842Extensive Case Notes of Admissions to Dr Steevens Ho...Dr Steevens Hospital Case Notes
548Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 331840-18411 Certificate of Removal, Anne Grubb from Edenderry...Handlists/Portfolio
549Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 341841-18423 Resignation of membership, Mary L Williamson and ...Handlists/Portfolio
652Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryYM/B121841-1881Women's Meeting: Epistles and minutes, 1841-1881. ...Yearly Meetings
671Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryQMI/B91841-1850Women's Meeting Minutes and Epistles from America, 1...Leinster Quarterly Meetings
1292Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1841Dress and accessories: Wedding dress of Elizabeth Ha...Museum Collection
1439Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 36G1826-1841Bateman-Hughes Correspondence, 1826-1841: 9 Agreeme...Handlists/Portfolio
3556Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryLBM/5/28/Reel 231801-1841Testimonies Acknowledging Misconduct, Lisburn Monthl...
3866Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 621792-1841Pim Mss (Family Letters) 1792-1841, 69 items. Exampl...Handlists/Portfolio
25098Royal Irish Academy23/K/531841Envelope containing letter from Isabella Plunket to ...Peter Burrows Papers
13105Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1995.4101841Lease, Viscount Lismore to Mary Coughlan, Gurteenbeh...
19824Tipperary Studies1841-1870Thurles Fever Hospital, Account Book:1841-1870  ...Thurles Poor Law Union
6454Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5447a1814-1841Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant School...Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
10508Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs39891841Anthology of poems concerning Conty Kilkenny familes...
11673Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs53061841-1848Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant School...Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
11690Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss5784-57851841-1898Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant School...Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
995UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/184-204/A/51841Legal case papers including a number relating to wom...Grehan Estate Collection
2343UCD ArchivesP106c.1841-1988The papers of Ellen Humphreys and Annie O'Rahill...Sighle Humphreys Papers
13847University of Galway ArchivesP14c1841A scrapbook, kept by a lady in c1841, containing pri...
4542Waterford City Archives1834-1841Petty Cash Books of the Leper Hospital, 19 April 183...Waterford City and County Infirmary
19325Westmeath County Archives Department1841184 Richard Swift Esq. to Catherine Louisa Marlay, ...Howard Bury Papers