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20652Carlow County Archive1699-1839'List of original deeds sent to Mr. Vigors', include...Vigors Papers
19019Church of Ireland CentreBox 361839Model School:Mod. 70 - Letter from Elizabeth Duncan ...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
16974Clare County Archives1839-1848Circulars of the Poor Law Commissioners: July 1839 -...Kilrush Poor Law Union
16968Clare County Archives1839-1924Minute Books:September 1839 - February 1844Feburary ...Ennistymon Poor Law Union
16997Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18391796.08/1/1839 Search for judgement obtained by Elle...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16998Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18391796.08/2/1839 Search for judgement obtained by Elle...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16999Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18391796.08/3/1839 Costs for satisfaction payable by El...Bishop W. Keane Papers
23013Cork City and County ArchivesU87/1717-18391: Minutes of Vestry and other meetings, 1717-1839.Cork Presbyterian Meeting House Records
19046Cultural Heritage Services Library, Armagh1839-1898Microfilm copies of Board of Guardian Minute Books:A...
22927Delany Archive Box Bp/10 File FH/1839/183916: 13 March 1839 Mrs M.G. Sweetman, Longtown to Bis...Papers of Dr Francis Haly, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
24075Delany Archive Box Bp/10 File FH/1839/183917: 20 March 1839 Mrs M.G. Sweetman, Longtown to Bis...Papers of Dr Francis Haly, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
7566Down County MuseumDB221839-1841
2 bound account books of Alexander Lacy, County Down...
3154Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/3001839Housing of the Working Classes: Copy manuscript and ...Blackrock
1648Fingal County ArchiveBG40/A/-RDC40/01839-1930Balrothery Board of Guardians Minute Books:BG40/A/1 ...Balrothery Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
5639Galway County Council ArchivesGPL/61839-1869Minute Books:1 July 1839 - 28 September 18422 5 Octo...Galway Poor Law Union
5401Galway County Council ArchivesGPL/21839-1925Minute Books:October 1839-[?] 1843November 1843-June...Loughrea Poor Law Union Records
6198Galway County Council ArchivesGPL/51839-1926Minute Books:11 November 1839-5 December 18427 May 1...Tuam Poor Law Union
5073Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 201704-1839Documents mainly legal in nature including reference...Castletown Papers
61Irish Dominican Congregation ArchivesI 41839-1971Cape Town, 1863, includes:Extracts typed from Dr Gri...Dominican Archives, Cabra
21730Kerry Diocesan Archives (RC)E92 1837-1839
County of Kerry Saving Book, Tralee, 1823, regarding...Bishop Cornelius Egan, 1825 - 1856
12694Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1839-1845Two bound volumes entitled 'The Famine in County...
3339Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/A1839-1922Minute Books:1. June 1839-January 18442. January 184...Callan Poor Law Union
20937King's Hospital School17-321839-185522 Committee of Accounts, 1839 - 1855.King's Hospital Records
21005King's Hospital School83-991838-183989 Agents Accounts, Mr A. Home, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
21011King's Hospital School83-991838-183995 Receipts Expenditure, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
21012King's Hospital School83-991838-183995A Receipts Expenditure, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
1670Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG177/A/1839-1867Minute Books:1 - December 1839 - July 18442 - March ...Manorhamilton Poor Law Union
1671Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG177/AA/1839-1857Minute Books:1 - November 1839 - August 18442 - Augu...Manorhamilton Poor Law Union
3090Limerick ArchivesLA BG/1301839-1922Minute Books:January 1839-May 1843June 1843-May 1845...Newcastlewest Poor Law Union
19031Limerick ArchivesLA BG/106/A1839-1923Minute Books:From 5 January 1900 (BG/106/1/89) Finan...Kilmallock Poor Law Union
6982Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.1892)1838-1839Poster. Account of the Governors and Governesses of ...
6983Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.1893)1839-1840Poster. Account of the Governors and Governesses of ...
440Longford Archives and Local Studies1839-1949Minute Books:28 June 1839 - 18 March 184330 March 18...Longford Poor Law Union Records
1772Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1839 -1916Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 84 March 1898...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5727Louth County ArchivesBG76/A/1839-1874Minute Books:1 - July 1839-March 18432 - March 1845 ...Drogheda Poor Law Union
5731Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1839 -1856Minute Books:1 July 1839- April 18432 January 1843 J...Dundalk Poor Law Union
14142Louth County Archives1839-1849Rental and Account Book for Estate of Phillip Doyne,...
5645Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/99A/1839 - 1855Minute Books:1 19 August 1839 - 29 August 18432 5 Se...Kells Poor Law Union
5657Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/155/A/1839- 1855Minute Books:1 July 1839 - March 18442 March 1844 - ...Trim Poor Law Union
5661Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/155/A/1839- 1899Minute Books:74 April 1889 - November 188975 Novembe...Trim Poor Law Union
5666Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/84/A/1839- 1860Minute Books:1 May 1839 - May 18434 April 1846 - Feb...Dunshaughlin Poor Law Union
5673Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/128/A/1839-1856Minute Books:1 July 1839 - January 18443 October 184...Navan Poor Law Union
22817Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1778-1839Copies of the Armenian Magazine, with a subject inde...
22894Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1839
Archival box 4, contains, for example: An invitation...
22902Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1778-1797
Card index to memoirs, obituary notices and deaths, ...
550National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1839-1858Rathdown Poor Law Union Minute Books:A1 September 18...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
760National Archives of Ireland999/671/1774-18395: 8 October 1774, Will of Elizabeth, Countess of Wa...
761National Archives of Ireland999/673/1700-18391/1: 19 June 1700, Settlement on the marriage of Pie...
8810National Archives of Ireland2/440/444-4471839-1855Poor Law Commissioners Papers: Reports to the Poor L...State Papers
8897National Archives of IrelandM6933/101821
Bundle of rentals of various portions of the Blake e...Ballyglunin Papers
8946National Archives of IrelandD59571839Lease of lands, County Waterford, Catherine Isabella...Osborne Papers
11511National Archives of Ireland1839Notes, 1839 [Mrs Byrne?].Byrne Papers
15236National Archives of Ireland 2000/261839-1936Manorhamilton Workhouse. Records relating to the wor...Selection of Private Accessions, 1980-2002
15394National Archives of Ireland 99/56/10/30/11839Papers relating to King's County. Settlement on the ...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
15485National Archives of Ireland 999/871839-1943Manuscript list of names of teachers called up to th...Small Private Accessions
15489National Archives of Ireland 999/91/2 1839-1861Annotated manuscript maps and plans of part of the l...Small Private Accessions
15516National Archives of Ireland 999/1301839Bargain and sale by Frederick F. and Janette M. Lode...Small Private Accessions
156National Library of IrelandMs185291839-1860Documents relating to the lands of Dr John Gordon of...
165National Library of IrelandMs185971839-1840Two letters of Maria Edgeworth, one to Miss Crampton...
988National Library of IrelandMss11690-116911839-1848Rent Book of the Smyth estates, 1839-1845; 1846-1848...Smythe of Barbavilla Papers
1481National Library of IrelandMs15531839-1846Letter-book of the Rev. C Wolsley, chaplain of Pleas...
2002National Library of IrelandMs78861831-1839Letters and other documents relating to Lady Morgan....
2431National Library of IrelandMs1574c1839Commonplace Book of Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick, inclu...
2432National Library of IrelandMss3526-35271839-1846Commonplace Book of Harriet King of Ballylin, County...
2535National Library of IrelandMs41251837-1839Music Book of Mrs R R Fitzherbert of Black Castle, C...
2545National Library of IrelandMs45651839-1920Includes letter from Violet Vandeleur of Cahircon, E...
2623National Library of IrelandMs107311817-1839A miscellaneous collection of c60 letters and docume...F.S. Bourke Collection
2722National Library of IrelandMs207611839-1886Includes letters from Anne Butler to her sister, Mar...William O'Brien Papers
2934National Library of IrelandMs86761800-c1839Documents relating to the case in Chancery of Mary W...Whaley Papers
5019National Library of IrelandMs32611/1-21839-1872Subscription Books: 63 16 February 1839-14 August 18...Mendicity Institute
9160National Library of IrelandMs150251832-1839Letters to Thomas Wyse, MP, 1832-1839, correspondent...Wyse Papers
9224National Library of IrelandMss15446-154471839-1849A Miscellaneous collection which includes a diary of...
9251National Library of IrelandMs15619c1830-1839A Commonplace Book of a member of the Gamble family,...Crosse and Blackwell Papers
9344National Library of IrelandMs238081839-1857Letterbook of Henry Lloyd and J Walsh, agents for th...Ormonde Papers
9477National Library of IrelandMs250541837-1839Records of medical cases, with patients' names [at S...
9735National Library of IrelandMs183001833-1839Accounts of the executors of the estate of Maria Eli...
9784National Library of IrelandMs185231839Letters to Earl Fitzwilliam relating to the appointm...
9787National Library of IrelandMs185291839-1860Includes a plan of dwelling house and map of holding...
10734National Library of IrelandMs197611825-1839Nineteen Account Books including rents, kept by Dani...Bourke Papers
10757National Library of IrelandMss19955-19,9561839-1880Minute Books of the Dublin Hebrew Society: Ms19,955 ...
11007National Library of IrelandMs185971839-1849Two letters of Maria Edgeworth, one to Miss Crampton...
11070National Library of IrelandMss19192-191961835-1839Rental and accounts of the estate of Viscount Powers...Powerscourt Papers
18933Offaly ArchivesOCL BG164/11839-192197 volumes. Parsonstown Union Minute Books, 1839-192...Records of Parsonstown Union
11857OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Box 761839-1945Butler Family History, 1839-1945 Box 76Includes:Pass...Airfield Archive
6284Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/18/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Limavady Board of Guardian Records
6286Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/2/1839-1950All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Armagh Board of Guardian Records
6289Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/22/1839-1948All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Lurgan Board of Guardian Records
6300Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/6/1839-1948All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Banbridge Board of Guardian Records
8289Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2310/41838-1839Copy of the annual report of Dervock Dispensary, Cou...
6276Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/10/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Coleraine Board of Guardian Records
6277Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/11/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Cookstown Board of Guardian Records
6282Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/16/1839-1944All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Kilkeel Board of Guardian Records
6285Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/19/1839-1954All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Lisburn Board of Guardian Records
6288Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/21/1839-1946All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Londonderry Board of Guardian Records
6311Public Record Office of Northern IrelandCR/1/1C/61839-1920Account book relating to Miss Fletcher's Bequest to ...Church Records
6344Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3235c1835-1839Diary of Lady Harriet Kavanagh, Borris, County Carlo...
6642Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/17981839-1860D/1798/1/4 A letter from S McDowell Elliot to Lady ...
6294Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/27/1839-1948All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Strabane Board of Guardian Records
7129Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/28771839-1939This collection of c300 documents and 2 volumes incl...
6302Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/8/1839-1951All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Castlederg Board of Guardian Records
7313Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/36661839-1848This miscellaneous collection includes, for example:...
7699Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/51/1839-1968Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from...Lurgan Borough Council Records
8061Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1632/3/1A-B1839Copies of 2 love letters from Sam Payne, Philipstown...
8339Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2462/4-61649-1905
Genealogical notes relating to various branches of t...
774Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryQMIII/B3/Reel41825-1839Women's Meeting: Minutes of Ulster Quarterly Women's...Ulster Quarterly Meetings
546Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 311838-18391 Acknowledgement of Certificate of Sarah McQuillan...Handlists/Portfolio
4179Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryDeed Box IX/Folder 7:11839Anne Eves, daughter of Rebecca Eves, Dublin: Apprent...Deeds
4181Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryDeed Box VII1788-1839Ferrall, Catherine, daughter of John Ferrall, Dublin...Deeds
3872Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 481839-1866Grubb Collection: Letters from Hannah Grubb to Anne ...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
2168Representative Church Body LibraryMs4161839-1968Protestant Orphan Society for the County of Sligo, f...Protestant Orphan Society for the County of Sligo
2173Representative Church Body LibraryMs5011839-1989Minutes and reports of the Offaly Protestant Orphan ...Offaly Protestant Orphan Society
2193Representative Church Body LibraryMs1541839-1972Minutes, accounts, correspondence, reports, etc., re...Church Education Society for Ireland
75Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1839-1908Minute Books (Digitised):Castlerea Board of Guardian...Castlerea Poor Law Union
76Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1839-1908Rural District Council Minutes and Board of Guardian...Castlerea Local Authority Records
22693South Eastern Education and Library Board Local History Collection1839-1894Lisburn Board of Guardian Minutes [32 reels copied f...Local Studies Collection
3082Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:March 1839-December 1843January 1884-Ma...Clogheen Poor Law Union
3083Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:May 1839-March 1842March 1842-January 1...Clonmel Poor Law Union
3084Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:May 1839-September 1843September 1843-J...Nenagh Poor Law Union
3085Tipperary Studies1839-1923Minute Books:June 1839-February 1843February 1843-Fe...Roscrea Poor Law Union
3086Tipperary Studies1839-1923Minute Books:June 1839-June 1842June 1842-July 1843A...Tipperary Poor Law Union
19798Tipperary Studies1839-1849
Orders from the Poor Law Commissioners and Local Gov...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19828Tipperary Studies1839-1843Rough Minute Books:1839-1843Thurles Poor Law Union
19793Tipperary Studies1839-1859Rough Minute Books:May 1839-September 1842April 1848...Clonmel Poor Law Union
19797Tipperary Studies1839-1890Letters from the Poor Law Commissioners and Local Go...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19833Tipperary Studies1839-1843Valentine Maher, Turtulla, Thurles, Co. Tipperary:Es...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
10524Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs64031815-1839Miscellaneous family and political correspondence, 1...
11227Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP 33/9/1-91822-1839Accounts concerning the first marriage settlement of...Courtown Papers
13100Waterford and Lismore Diocesan Archives (RC)1830-1839Contents of box marked 1830-1839 includes: 2 Acknow...
9921Waterford County ArchivesBG/WTFD1839-1859Volumes of sealed orders from the Poor Law Commissio...Waterford Poor Law Union
5872Wicklow Library and Archives1839-1921Rathdrum Poor Law Union Minute Books:November 1839 -...Rathdrum Poor Law Union