4244Church of Ireland CentreMs1471826-1829Signature Book, 2 October 1826-28 February 1829.Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
9119National Library of IrelandMs147121869-1870Cash book of C Shaw, a female servant of the O'Brien...Inchiquin Papers
9120National Library of IrelandMs147381837A book of riddles, enigmas, charades and conundrums ...Inchiquin Papers
9122National Library of IrelandMs147421894-1935Diary of a tour in Egypt, 1894, and of a second tour...Inchiquin Papers
9123National Library of IrelandMs147431833-1834Diary of a tour in Belgium, 1833, and notes on relig...Inchiquin Papers
9124National Library of IrelandMs147461863-1867
Miscellaneous papers, these include: Menus and dinne...Inchiquin Papers
9125National Library of IrelandMs147481903-1914Titles and notes on books read and worth reading, by...Inchiquin Papers
9126National Library of IrelandMs147491887-1930Diary of a tour in Italy and Switzerland, by Ethel, ...Inchiquin Papers
9128National Library of IrelandMs147541848Diary of Mary, Lady Inchiquin, 1848.Inchiquin Papers
9130National Library of IrelandMs147671748-1786The papers includes Rent Roll of the estates of Sir ...Inchiquin Papers
9131National Library of IrelandMs147681797-1808Cash Book mostly relating to transactions with tenan...Inchiquin Papers
9132National Library of IrelandMs14770-147711815-1830Cash Book, mainly relating to transactions with tena...Inchiquin Papers
9133National Library of IrelandMs147741848-1862Account Book, Dromoland estate, detailing domestic a...Inchiquin Papers
9134National Library of IrelandMs147861660-1753A collection of domestic recipes and medical prescri...Inchiquin Papers
9135National Library of IrelandMs14787A nineteenth-century photograph album of Ellen O'Bri...Inchiquin Papers
9136National Library of IrelandMs147981795-1799Rent Ledger of the County Clare estate of Sir Edward...Inchiquin Papers