Repository: Hunt Museum

Repository NameHunt Museum
AddressThe Custom House Rutland Street Limerick City
EircodeV94 EV8A
Telephone(061) 312-833
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CommentThe material in this repository was originally uncatalogued. Staff of the Women's History Project constructed the outline list noted here. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

22 Results

5483Hunt MuseumSlide Collection of Hunt Family, c.150 slides. Slide...Slide Collection of Hunt Family
20016Hunt MuseumA large collection including original couture garmen...Sybil Connolly Collection
24511Hunt MuseumIsis Lactans depicting the Goddess Isis suckling her...
24512Hunt MuseumFigure of the Virgin Mary, elephant ivory, English 1...
24513Hunt MuseumSt. Anne with the Young Virgin Mary and the Christ C...
24514Hunt MuseumSaints Joachim ad Anna at the Golden gates of Jerusa...
24515Hunt MuseumThe Arthur Cross, silver gilt with jewels, 15th cent...
24516Hunt MuseumIvory plaque showing the birth of Christ, 14th centu...
24517Hunt MuseumSeated Madonna, wood, German, 12th century.
24518Hunt MuseumSeated Madonna and Child, polychrome wood, French, 1...
24519Hunt MuseumSeated Madonna, wood, Spanish, 16th century.
24520Hunt MuseumPainting of Mary Magdalen, 15th century.
24521Hunt MuseumVirgin and Child, French, 14th century.
24522Hunt MuseumPanel showing birth medal for Anna Maria von Strette...
24523Hunt MuseumRoom containing male and female jewellery, Iron Age ...
24524Hunt MuseumHead of a noble lady, marble, Roman, 1st century.
24525Hunt Museum1000Figure of a girl, wood, Egyptian, c.1000 BC.
24526Hunt MuseumPieta Group Porcelain, Meissen, 18th century.
24527Hunt Museum1803The Artist and his Wife by Robert Fagan, c.1803.
24528Hunt Museum1898-1899Breton Woman by Roderic O'Connor, c.1898-1899.
24529Hunt MuseumFigure of a woman, porcelain, German[?], 18th centur...
24530Hunt Museum1994Portrait of Gertrude Hunt, by Thomas Ryan, 1994.