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4510Brother Allen ArchiveBox 2111803-1868Diary of Ms Penella Lenigan of Castle Fogarty, 1843....Brother Allen Archival Collection
16800Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1803-1877Register of Baptisms, 1809; marriages, 1804-1845; bu...Bolton Library Archive
17041Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18031791.00/3/1803 Letter from Count Bearhaven, Madrid t...Bishop W. Coppinger
17209Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box S1803
1796.05/100/1861 Letter from Revd. J Fitzpatrick, M...Bishop W. Keane Papers
24527Hunt Museum1803The Artist and his Wife by Robert Fagan, c.1803.
5083Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 281728-1803Documents, mainly legal in nature and relating to Le...Castletown Papers
5112Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 801759-1803Account Books and papers relating to Castletown esta...Castletown Papers
5108Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 741624-1803Legal documents including marriage settlement referr...Castletown Papers
5109Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 761720-1803Documents, such as letters and accounts mainly relat...Castletown Papers
13051Kilmainham Gaol Museum2PC-1A41-81803Section of a page of a Kilmainham register for 1803 ...1803 Rebellion
19037Limerick ArchivesP211803-1843Notebooks containing personal expenditure, housekeep...Coote Papers
5753Maynooth University and St Patrick's College, Maynooth1798-1803Letters of Eugene Conwell: Large bound volume with l...Conwell Letters
22891Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1803-1846
27 archival boxes containing letters, pamphlets, pic...
3947National Archives of Ireland620/661803260 Russell, Margaret to the Right Honorable Willia...Rebellion Papers
3952National Archives of IrelandSoc1025/311803Series 1: Ballinqarane, County Limerick, information...State of the Country Papers
8900National Archives of IrelandM6934/11803-1813Mary Blake, (nee Archdeacon, widow of Walter Blake o...Ballyglunin Papers
11444National Archives of Ireland1803
Letter from Custom Officials relating to the petitio...Customs and Excise
15208National Archives of Ireland 97/361803-1818St Paul's Parish, St Nicholas's Parish, Carrigaline ...Selection of Private Accessions, 1980-2002
173National Library of IrelandMs187521803Diary of Maria Edgeworth, with references to politic...
2321National Library of IrelandMs83261806-1808
Typescript copies of the letters of Sarah Curran, Mr...Sarah Curran papers
2446National Library of IrelandMss9553-95541803-1817Two brief Diaries [?of Mrs Balfour], covering the pe...Townley Hall Papers
2713National Library of IrelandMss14338-143411803-1819Four Ledgers of miscellaneous accounts of Lady Louis...
2967National Library of IrelandMs89051803-1816Miscellaneous letters and documents, 1803-1816. Thes...
2990National Library of IrelandMs92161803-1823An incomplete Account Book of the Sick Poor Institut...
3043National Library of IrelandMs99411803-1827Rent Ledger of the estate of Stewart Weldon in the A...Weldon Papers
3067National Library of IrelandMs101621803Rental of the estate of Ponsonby Tottenham, County L...Pakenham-Mahon Papers
3494National Library of IrelandMs109471626-1803Photostat copy of a register of births, deaths and m...
3512National Library of IrelandMs110551803-1819Miscellaneous letters, including letters to, or con...Ormonde Papers
3724National Library of IrelandMs129931803-1826Records of expenditures by William Gun Paul as execu...
9173National Library of IrelandMs151451803-1835Eight letters to William Kemmis, Crown Solicitor, 18...Kemmis Papers
9179National Library of IrelandMs151611803-1923Rentals of the Kemmis estates in County Wicklow: 180...Kemmis Papers
9676National Library of IrelandMs29806(188-189)1803Ms29,806(188) Marriage settlement of Elizabeth, eld...Dunalley Papers
10093National Library of IrelandMs16354(81)1803Mrs Anna Worsley to Lord Bolton, soliciting a promot...Bolton Manuscripts
10656National Library of IrelandMs162331793-1803Dublin Tholsel Grand Jury Presentment Book, includes...
11043National Library of IrelandMs187521803Diary of Maria Edgeworth with references to politica...
11068National Library of IrelandMs19189-191901803-1813Rentals and accounts of the estate of Viscount Power...Powerscourt Papers
7219Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/31391803-1841Household account book kept by Mrs William Tennent, ...
7506Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/572/121792-1803Volume of ladies' letters to Earl Macartney, som...Macartney Papers
7763Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/2571803Microfilmed copy of a letter from Lord Castlereagh t...
8370Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2542/11803Copy of a letter from Admiral Lord Nelson aboard the...
8498Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2872/1763-1803T/2872/6 A copy of a letter from Lady Bandon to Lord...Alnwick Papers
8551Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/316/51803Copy of a bond from William Bristow, Vicar General o...
3562Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMM/XIIIB2/Reel 29A1796-1803Women's Minutes, Lurgan Monthly Meeting, 1796-1803. ...
4166Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryDeed Box XII1803-1804Elizabeth Cope, wife of William Cope: Folder 9:3 Pa...Deeds
4112Royal Irish Academy12/R/23-261774-1803Letters to A H Haliday: 12/R/23 Volume 1, 1782-1793...James, Earl of Charlemont Correspondence
4113Royal Irish Academy12/M/81803Rising of 1803, Depositions: Volume of depositions r...Halliday Collection
6453Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5445a1803-1807Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant School...Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
10259Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs35241772-1803Commonplace Book of verse belonging to Sarah and Tho...Shackleton Family Papers
10427Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10047/211803-1836Correspondence of Helena Perceval with her family, t...Graves Papers
11677Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss5273-52841803-1825Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant School...Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
18765Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCD MS 9308/8221803Mrs Lynch's depostiton outlines a sexual assault and... 'Q' Company Dublin Brigade Old IRA