Repository: Religious Society of Friends, Waterford

Repository NameReligious Society of Friends, Waterford
AddressWaterford Quaker Meeting House 61 Newtown Road Waterford
EircodeX91 C66E
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by Maurice Wigham, deceased. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list.

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4109Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordRegister of Marriages, City of Limerick, 1848-1950. ...
5528Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox 21727Accounts, 1969: Newtown School, WaterfordWaterford Monthly Meeting Documents
5529Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox 31873Accounts, draft, 1942: Newtown School, WaterfordWaterford Monthly Meeting Documents
5530Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox 3 No 18178220 September 1782, lease of house to Bridget Ryan by...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
5531Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox 41864-190711 1870 Matrimonial Causes and Marriage Act for Ire...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6184Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox 11758-1845No 1 Lease of a slate house and walled garden near t...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6185Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox21688No 1 Indenture dated 19 December 1688 between Hugh,...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6186Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox2No101774Indenture assigning a trust in connection with house...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6187Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox31738-18422 7 November 1738, memorandum of Elizabeth Bourk wit...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6188Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox41848-18564 1848 Epistle from London Yearly Meeting of Women ...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6189Religious Society of Friends, Waterford7 (parcel)1816-19251 1816. Account book for Friends Library Waterford...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6190Religious Society of Friends, Waterford10 (Cardboard Carton)1753-1828Women's Quarterly Meeting for Munster Province, ...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
6191Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox111758-1794Poor Relief Papers, 1758-1794. 1 Annual Statements...Waterford Monthly Meeting Papers
6192Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox121906-1943Friends Relief Committee 1906 - 1943:1 1906 - 1920, ...Waterford Monthly Meeting Papers
6193Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox151913-1948Tuskar Lodging Houses, 1913 - 1948:1 10 January 1913...Waterford Monthly Meeting Papers
6194Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox A-C1796-1976A Waterford Monthly Meeting Account, 1867- ,to prese...