Collection: Ardee Local Authority Records

Repository: Louth County Archives

Repository NameLouth County Archives
AddressOld Gaol Ardee Road Dundalk County Louth
EircodeA91 PY17
Telephone(042) 932-4358
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

12 Results

1782Louth County Archives315-3431872-1965315 Town Commissioners Minute Book 1872 - 1896 . 3...Ardee Local Authority Records
5735Louth County Archives109-1291894-1921Rural District Council Minute Book:109 May 1898 - De...Ardee Local Authority Records
5736Louth County Archives130-1361851-1899Labourers' Acts Minute Books:130 1889 - 1890131 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5738Louth County Archives159-1771899-1926159 Rent Collector's Report Book Labourers' Cottage...Ardee Local Authority Records
5739Louth County Archives178-1971859-1920Ardee Union Treasurer's Ledger: 178 1896 - 1897 179...Ardee Local Authority Records
5740Louth County Archives198-2171899-1923198 Ardee Concise Rural District Ledger September, ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5741Louth County Archives218-2271844-1936Financial Statement Book, Receipts 218 April 1899 -...Ardee Local Authority Records
5742Louth County Archives228-2431875-1912Rate Book Castlebellingham Electoral Division: 228 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5743Louth County Archives244-2591870-1917244 Drumconrath Rate Book, September 1885 - Septemb...Ardee Local Authority Records
5744Louth County Archives260-2811899-1924Fever Hospital Diary Diet Book For Sick: 260 1915 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5745Louth County Archives282-2971884-1923Ardee Union Medical Weekly Return and Extra Book: 2...Ardee Local Authority Records
5746Louth County Archives298-3141814-1924298 Ardee Union Applications of Assistance Forms Bo...Ardee Local Authority Records