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Collection DescriptionThe F.J. Bigger Archive held at Belfast Central Library reflects the interests of F. J. Bigger (1863-1926), and consists of his private library of three thousand volumes, which includes books, journals, newspapers, pamphlets and maps from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century. These relate to Irish history and culture. Belfast Central Library also holds a collection of some 40,000 items comprising his personal papers and correspondence. [From]
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Repository: Belfast Central Library

Repository NameBelfast Central Library
AddressRoyal Avenue Belfast
UK Postal CodeBT1 1EA
Telephone+44 28-9050-9150
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14589Belfast Central LibraryJ212-J213'Plays and poems', scrapbooks, two volumes o...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14590Belfast Central LibraryA86 A scrapbook of cuttings from Sinn Féin, the ...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14591Belfast Central LibraryJ297A scrapbook of poems by Alice Milligan under her own...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14592Belfast Central LibraryA88-A891923Two scrapbooks containing newscuttings of articles b...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14593Belfast Central LibraryY521798A poem by Anna Johnston, in manuscript and in print,...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14594Belfast Central LibraryE151756Illustration of the seal of the Governors and Guardi...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14595Belfast Central LibraryOM3 (4)1910Manuscript letter from R.L. O'Mealy to J.F. Bigg...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14596Belfast Central LibraryE171701Official admission form registering the reception of...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14597Belfast Central LibraryZ350Original period sketches by Belfast painter Andrew N...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14598Belfast Central LibraryST241856
Manuscript letter from Walter Strickland to J.F. Big...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14599Belfast Central Library1925-1926Correspondence about Sarah Siddons, actress (1755-18...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14600Belfast Central Library1919-1926Correspondence with J.F. Bigger from Amy Young, 1919...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14601Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence about Eilish and Frances Lamont, poet...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14602Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence of Mrs S.M. Christen with J.F. Bigger...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14603Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence about the 'Shan Van Vocht', f...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14604Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence of Alice Milligan, late nineteenth an...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14605Belfast Central Library1896Correspondence about Lady Morgan and her connection ...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14606Belfast Central Library1909Correspondence with Mary Garrett, about her grandfat...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14607Belfast Central Library1906Correspondence relating to Dolly Monroe, the 'Be...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14608Belfast Central Library1908Correspondence with F.J. Bigger about the stained gl...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14609Belfast Central Library1922Correspondence with F.J. Bigger, asking for his help...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14610Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence with Margaret Stokes, late nineteenth...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14611Belfast Central Library1918Correspondence relating to Mary Ann McCracken, mostl...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14612Belfast Central Library1906-1908Correspondence with Mary Ann Hutton, about the appoi...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14613Belfast Central Library1855-1867Z314 (5), Correspondence from John Mitchel to Henrie...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14614Belfast Central Library1908-1924Correspondence of Helena Concannon with J.F. Bigger,...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14615Belfast Central Library1903-1906Correspondence of Alice Stopford Green with J.F. Big...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14616Belfast Central Library1904-1914Correspondence relating to Sarah Curran, mostly abou...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14617Belfast Central Library1897-1926Correspondence of Eleanor Hull, regarding Irish hist...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
14618Belfast Central LibraryCorrespondence of Edith M. Wheeler, concerning the c...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive