20054Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11895-18981/1/1 Exercise book of Mary Potter's Conferences, ci...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20055Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11898
1/1/2 Copy foolscap volume of sixteen circular lette...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20056Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11901-19091/1/3 Copy foolscap volume of thirty six circular le...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20057Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/1/4 Copy foolscap volume of six of Mother Mary Pot...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20058Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11908
1/1/5 Copy foolscap volume of Chapter Conferences, m...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20059Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/1/6 Exercise book of twelve general and retreat Co...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20060Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11903-1951
1/1/7 Exercise book of circular letters, no date, Co...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20061Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/1/8 Exercise book of retreat meditations for trien...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20062Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11970John F. Devane, 'A History of St John's Hospital Lim...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20063Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/1.01 Loose leaf visitation Conferences by Mother...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20064Little Company of Mary SistersLCM119111/2/1.02 Circular issued by Sr Philip Coleridge rebu...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20065Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/2.01 Typescript copies of the five volumes of Mo...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20066Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/2.02 Typescript copy of volume II of Mother Mary...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20067Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/2.03 Typescript copy of volume III of Mother Mar...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20068Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/2.04 Typescript copy of volume IV of Mother Mary...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20069Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/2.05 Typescript copy of volume V of Mother Mary ...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20070Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/3 Typescript precis of Mother Mary Potter's Conf...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20071Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/2/4 Typescript copy of Mother Mary Potter's unpubl...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20072Little Company of Mary SistersLCM119021/2/5 Typescript of the autobiographical notes writt...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20073Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11876-18821/3/1 Typescript copies of forty two letters and eig...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20074Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/2 Typescript copies of Mother Mary Potter's lett...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20075Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/3 Typescript copies of fifty five letters from t...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20076Little Company of Mary SistersLCM119271/3/4 'Our Mother and Her Work', pamphlet account of...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20077Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/6.01 Sr M. Colmcille's manuscript account of the...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20078Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/6.02 Sr M. Colmcille's typescript account of the...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20079Little Company of Mary SistersLCM119501/3/7.01 Circular in typescript from Sr M. Hilda giv...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20081Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/8.01 Typescript copy of a course of lectures on ...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20082Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11/3/8.03 Typescript copy of a commentary on the writ...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
20083Little Company of Mary SistersLCM119711/3/8.04 Typescript copy of conference 'Is Mother Ma...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress