Collection: Irish Girl Guides

Repository: National Archives of Ireland

Repository NameNational Archives of Ireland
Address8 Bishop Street Dublin 8
EircodeD08 DF85
Telephone(01) 407-2300
Telephone 21890-25-24-24
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14 Results

12059National Archives of Ireland98/1/1917-1973Annual Reports: 98/1/I 1917-1929 Girl Guides (County...Irish Girl Guides
12060National Archives of Ireland98/2/1/1-XXI1915-1986Minute Books: 98/2/1/I March 1915-October 1919 BPGG ...Irish Girl Guides
12061National Archives of Ireland98/2/2/I-VI1929-1972Draft Loose Minutes and Reports with correspondence ...Irish Girl Guides
12062National Archives of Ireland98/3/I-VI1930-1975Membership Registers: 98/3/I 1932-1939 List of Count...Irish Girl Guides
12063National Archives of Ireland98/4/I-V1919-1962Financial Records: 98/4/I 1919-1932 Central Fund Acc...Irish Girl Guides
12064National Archives of Ireland98/5/1/I-X1925-1970Correspondence files 98/5/1/I 1925-1933 Cuttings fr...Irish Girl Guides
12065National Archives of Ireland98/5/2/1-IX1929-1947Correspondence relating to Constitution, Promise, Ch...Irish Girl Guides
12066National Archives of Ireland98/5/3/I-XI1929-1966General Correspondence 98/5/3/I 1929-1932 Correspon...Irish Girl Guides
12067National Archives of Ireland98/6/1/I-XII1920-1980sCorrespondence files, general correspondence: 98/6/...Irish Girl Guides
12068National Archives of Ireland98/6/2/1-XI1931-1981Correspondence files, organisation of events 98/6/2...Irish Girl Guides
12069National Archives of Ireland98/6/3/I-VI1931-1975Correspondence relating to equipment 98/6/3/I 1931-...Irish Girl Guides
12070National Archives of Ireland98/6/4/I-VIII1934-1972Correspondence concerning printing and publications ...Irish Girl Guides
12071National Archives of Ireland98/7/I-XIX1916-1985Company Records: 98/7/I 1916-1926 'Some of Our ...Irish Girl Guides
12072National Archives of Ireland98/8/I-XXXII1915-1989General Scrapbooks, Albums, Logs: 98/8/I 1915-1975 ...Irish Girl Guides