Collection: Rosamund Jacob Papers

Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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19 Results

11980National Library of IrelandMs33107(1-13)c1926-1928Literary Papers relating to `The Rebel's Wife', `Mat...Rosamund Jacob Papers
11981National Library of IrelandMs331081958-1959Literary Papers relating to `The Rebel's Wife', `Mat...Rosamund Jacob Papers
11982National Library of IrelandMs331091958-1959Literary Papers relating to `The Rebel's Wife', `Mat...Rosamund Jacob Papers
11983National Library of IrelandMs331101951Literary Papers relating to `The Rebel's Wife', `Mat...Rosamund Jacob Papers
11984National Library of IrelandMs33111-331151915-1916
Novels: Ms33,111 `The Enchanted Wood', typescript o...Rosamund Jacob Papers
11999National Library of IrelandMss33116-33222Plays, poems and prose: Ms33,116 Drafts of three t...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12003National Library of IrelandMss332301930-1959Material relating to Frank Ryan, Correspondence: Let...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12005National Library of IrelandMs33335Various pencil sketches by Rosamond Jacob. (On loose...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12006National Library of IrelandMs33239c1930-1943Newspaper cuttings and assorted envelopes. Includes ...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12000National Library of IrelandMs32582, Ms322231897-1960Ms32,582(1)-(170)Notebooks containing the diaries of...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12007National Library of IrelandMs33241(8)1887Postcard to Edmund Harvey from Helen Taylor, 28 Augu...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12001National Library of IrelandMss33225-33228Political Activity: pamphlets, petitions and postcar...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12002National Library of IrelandMs332291931Ms33,229(1) Diary of a visit to Soviet Russia [as o...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12004National Library of IrelandMss33233-332341861-1928Family Papers relating to the Jacobs, Harveys and We...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12008National Library of IrelandMs33242(24)1894Letter to Edmund Harvey from Henrietta Mitchell Mart...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12009National Library of IrelandMs33242(25)1895Postcard from Alice Milligan to Edmund Harvey, 11 Fe...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12012National Library of IrelandMs33244(22-25)1881-[1883]Four letters to Alfred Webb from Anna Parnell on var...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12013National Library of IrelandMs332451873-1901Miscellaneous correspondence, includes: Letter from ...Rosamund Jacob Papers
12010National Library of IrelandMss33242(30)-33242(30)/A1896-1900Ms 33,242(30) Letter from Maud Gonne to Edmund Harv...Rosamund Jacob Papers