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14316Alexandra College1868-1951Material relating to Katherine M. Preston, 1868-1951...
16249Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Letter of Very Reverend Monsignor G. Benelli, Aposto...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16265Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16266Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16267Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16268Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16269Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16274Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16275Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16276Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16277Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1950
Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16278Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951-1953Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16289Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951Material relating the Department of Education, inclu...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
19158Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 1950-19591951An extract from the Ulster Gazette which states...Dean Rennison Papers
14674Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1951-1968A box containing the following minute books and mate...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
14689Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1941-1951A box containing the following minute books and mate...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
20004Ballymena Central Library1901-1914
Council Minute Books:1901-19141951-1973Antrim County Council Records
6951Belfast Central Library1950
This is a collection of records, books, periodicals,...James Eagleston Little Donation
23937Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Envelope containing letter from Bob to Florrie, 23 F...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23938Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Letter from Bob to Florrie, 7 May 1951.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23939Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Letter from Bob to Florrie, 21 August 1951.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23941Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Envelope containing letter from Bob to Florrie, 23 F...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23942Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Letter from Bob to Florrie, 7 May 1951.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23943Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841951Letter from Bob to Florrie, 21 August 1951.Brother Allen Archival Collection
24476Brother Allen ArchiveBox 2021951Letter addressed to Br Allen from Maeve C. MacDowell...Brother Allen Archival Collection
24477Brother Allen ArchiveBox 2021951Envelope with a letter addressed to Br Allen from P....Brother Allen Archival Collection
24491Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1061916-1919
Folder 6 Dr Lynn's Papers: First statement of Dr Kat...Brother Allen Archival Collection
24507Brother Allen ArchiveAlice Milligan Box1951Folder 4: Letter from Alice Milligan to Mrs É. Cean...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16733Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1951-1958Donohill Vestry Minute Book and Roll of registered v...Bolton Library Archive
16738Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1790-1831
Doon Vestry Minute Books: 1790-1831 1832-1870, with ...Bolton Library Archive
16739Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1870-1893
Church of Ireland Register of Vestry men, Doon, 1870...Bolton Library Archive
16831Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1845-1951
Register of Marriages, Magorban:1845-19511957-1993, ...Bolton Library Archive
15115Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1951-1976Parents' Day Account Book, 1951-1976.
15141Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1943-19511 folder relating to Parents' Day, correspondenc...
15146Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1951-1952Receipts relating to Number 1 Account, 1951-1952.
15154Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1951-19531 folder, Receipts, 1951-1953.
15158Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1939-1951Correspondence relating to the Federation Internatio...
16462Central Catholic Library1951-1952Central Catholic Library, Minute Book of the Ways an...
6098Clare County Archives1950-1951Agenda Book, 19 August 1950 - 5 December 1951.Clare County Council
6150Clare County Archives1951-1952Public Assistance Register, 1951 -1952.Clare County Council
6151Clare County Archives1951-1952Cash Allowance Register, 1951-1952.Clare County Council
6168Clare County Archives1951-1958Health Service Receipts, 1951 - 1958.Clare County Council
20718Clare County Archives1943-1951Files regarding Clare County Council Public Health a...Kilkee Town Commissioners
3260Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA5/1936-1951Revised valuation registers of the rateable tenement...Dún Laoghaire Borough
20478Galway County Council Archives1935-1951Rental of Artisan's Dwelling:March 1935-March 19...Ballinasloe Urban District Council & Town Commissioners
5574Irish Labour History Museum1951-1958Files, 1951-1958 including: Annual conferences, orga...Post Office Clerical Association
2251Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1141951-1958Costume designs by Micheál MacLiammoir, one f...
20853Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1951-1952County Home, Athy:Repairs Account Book:19 April 1951...Kildare Board of Health Records
20890Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1951-1978Artisans Dwellings Rent Collection Books:April 1951-...Kildare County Council
20893Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1951-1952Diet Class Book, February 1951 - January 1952Kildare County Council
20795Kilmore Diocesan Archives (RC)1951-1956Sisters of St Joseph, Ricehill:21: Letters to Bishop...Kilmore Diocesan Archives
20805Kilmore Diocesan Archives (RC)Bishops, 1625-19101937-1951Bishop Patrick Lyons, 1937-1949:General: 12: Film Ce...Kilmore Diocesan Archives
21062King's Hospital School131-1441951-1958135 Cash received Book, 1951 - 1958.King's Hospital Records
21072King's Hospital School145-1601944-1951157 Wages Book, 1944 - 1951.King's Hospital Records
4871King's Inns LibraryK/1/5-31951-57Law Students' Debating Society, miscellaneous co...Records of the Honorable Society of King's Inns
5488Laois Local StudiesB5/dvi/383-4091951-1961Nurses Report Books, 6 November 1951-23 June 1961, 2...Laois Local Authority Records
5705Laois Local StudiesB2/E/1936-1951Rate Book, Roscrea:256. 1936-1937257. 1937-1938258. ...Laois Local Authority Records
5716Laois Local Studies345-3461924-1951Abbeyleix District Hospital:345. Consolidated Accoun...Laois Local Authority Records
21627Laois Local StudiesC/1951-195284. Financial Statement of Receipts, General Account...Laois County Council
21652Laois Local Studies273-2811933-1951274. Consolidated Account Book, Assistance Officers ...Laois Local Authority Records
21657Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953279. Home Assistance List, Half Yearly Consolidated ...Laois Local Authority Records
21658Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953280. General Receipt Book, Public Assistance Section...Laois Local Authority Records
21684Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951328. Infectious Diseases Allowances Expenditure Book...Laois County Council
21685Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951329. Expenditure Health, Sanitary and Housing, 1949-...Laois County Council
22301Leitrim Local Studies Department1937-1948
Register of Paying Orders, 1937-1948Assistant County...Leitrim County Council
22358Leitrim Local Studies Department1951-1965Misc. 60. Day Book, November 1951-March 1965, Costel...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22357Leitrim Local Studies Department1945-1951Misc. 59. County Committee of Agriculture, Financial...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
13768Limerick MuseumAQNO(1991.487)1951Billhead, printed of John Geary & Sons, 7 Thomas...
20060Little Company of Mary SistersLCM11903-1951
1/1/7 Exercise book of circular letters, no date, Co...Mother Mary Potter, Foundress
442Longford Archives and Local StudiesFoxhall Estate County Lon1926-1951Journal of the Ardagh and Clonmacnoise Antiquarian S...Journal of the Ardagh and Clonmacnoise Antiquarian Society 1926-37 & 1940-5
5803Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/E/1932-1951Rate Abstracts, Monthly Returns:93 August 193294 Dec...Navan Urban District Council
5817Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1912-1951Housing Rents, Rent Books, 13 rent books 'Artiza...Navan Urban District Council
5849Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/O/1938-1951Navan Urban Council Records, Relations with Other Bo...Navan Urban District Council
20326Meath Local Studies and Family History Department1951-1952Storekeepers Receipt and Issue Book April 1951 - Mar...Meath County Board of Health
20269Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1906-1918
Account Book: July 1906 - July 1918 July 1906 - Dece...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20275Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1938-1945
Goods Receipt Book:January 1951-November 1959July 19...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20372Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/195134 c.1951. General conditions of contract and specif...Navan Urban District Council
20373Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/195135 c.1951. Specifications as (34) completeNavan Urban District Council
20561Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1949-1951Housing Rents, Arrears and Termination of Tenancies:...Navan Urban District Council
2109Monaghan County Museum1984:1381945-1951Clones Rural District Council Rent Collectors Report...
612National Archives of IrelandBG/137/FR/11941-1951Salaries' Books: April 1941 - September 1951.Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
621National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1946-1951Medical Returns and Extra Books, Rathdown Board of A...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
698National Archives of IrelandBG/40/1943-1951Public Assistance Ledgers:CF1 March 1943 - August 19...Balrothery Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
733National Archives of IrelandBG/79/1951-1953Provision Check Books:FG1 January 1951 - July 1951FG...South Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
734National Archives of IrelandBG/79/FGA11949-1951Summary of Provisions Issued: August 1949 - Septembe...South Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
4657National Archives of Ireland305/14/156/11951Mrs Geraldine Hurley, Bradford, suggestions about an...Department of Foreign Affairs
4733National Archives of IrelandD11/1241951-1952County Galway, Woodlands Santorium Galway. Appeal of...Department of Health
4735National Archives of IrelandSL122/111948-1951Remuneration of Junior Nursing Staffs. Representativ...Department of Health
4784National Archives of IrelandCCA 1948/681948-1951Court of Criminal Appeal: File relating to appeal on...Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal
4897National Archives of IrelandE389/501951Notice of a motion in Dáil Éireann by ...Department of Industry and Commerce
4932National Archives of IrelandH10981/52/Volume11951-1961Postal Service Files: conversion of of female POCB t...Department of Tourism, Transport and Communications
4947National Archives of Ireland1088/763-1088/763/21911-1951File relating to the North Kilkenny Co-operative Pou...Irish Agricultural Organisation Society
5175National Archives of IrelandGIS/1/481948-1951File containing speeches made by Minister for Health...Government Information Service
11293National Archives of Ireland366/65/91951-1953Visit to Ireland of Mrs L. Lyons, journalist, 1951-5...Department of Foreign Affairs
11298National Archives of Ireland386/351951-1952File on the 'Mother and Child' scheme of Dr ...Department of Foreign Affairs
11324National Archives of Ireland320/1101950-1951Mrs McCloskey, Dublin, importation of rug, 1950-1951...Department of Foreign Affairs
11354National Archives of Ireland438/18/51951-1984Film on Evie Hone, 1951-1984.Department of Foreign Affairs
11361National Archives of IrelandPS42/41951Secretary's Office Files. Correspondence relating to...Department of Foreign Affairs
11407National Archives of IrelandA8/3021950-1951Dublin: St Kevin's Institution, complaint relating t...Department of Health
11412National Archives of IrelandA124/231951-1957Homes for Unmarried Mothers, 1951-1957.Department of Health
15257National Archives of Ireland 2002/301824-1951National School records for St Joseph's, Clondalkin.National Schools, Private Accessions
15270National Archives of Ireland 2002/901951-1972National School records for Geashill, Co. Offaly.National Schools, Private Accessions
1979National Library of IrelandMs 59241951-1952Autograph letters from Mrs William O'Brien to Mrs Br...
2658National Library of IrelandMs22555c1919-1951Letters and telegrams to Michael T Dolan, c1919-1951...M.J. Dolan Papers
2727National Library of IrelandMs208261948-1951Statements of the accounts of the Adoption Society (...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
2733National Library of IrelandMs208331951-1952Drafts of the Adoption Bill promoted by the Adoption...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
9486National Library of IrelandMs260391951Two letters to Joseph Brennan as Governor of the Cen...Joseph Brennan Papers
10810National Library of IrelandMss19351-193521948-1951Minute Books of the publicity committee of the Adopt...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10813National Library of IrelandMs193551951-1952Minute Book of the social committee of the Adoption ...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10815National Library of IrelandMs193571951-1962Honorary Secretary's Postage Book, Dublin executive ...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
11983National Library of IrelandMs331101951Literary Papers relating to `The Rebel's Wife', `Mat...Rosamund Jacob Papers
97National Maternity HospitalNMH/41938-1951Linen Guild Executive Committee, Minute Book, Januar...
99National Maternity HospitalNMH/51951-1977Linen Guild Executive Committee, Minute Book, Septem...
268National Maternity HospitalNMH/61924-1951Linen Guild Executive Committee, Agenda Book, Januar...
278National Maternity HospitalNMH/351943-1951New Hospital Building. Correspondence with the archi...
283National Maternity HospitalNMH/401949-1951Correspondence relating to the purchase of medical e...
409National Maternity HospitalF/21951-1961Finance Committee Agenda Book, December 1951-Septemb...
415National Maternity HospitalNMH/451951-1952Correspondence file regarding the estimated cost of ...
416National Maternity HospitalNMH/461945-1951Correspondence file regarding prelimary stages of th...
1745National Maternity HospitalAR/61951-1960Annual Report of the National Lying-In Hospital, Jan...
4470National Maternity HospitalNMH/651951Correspondence relating to Hospital Commission,1 Jan...
5403Newtown School, WaterfordA1/81939-1951Exam Results, 1939-1951: Newtown School: Waterford
5404Newtown School, WaterfordA1/91949-1951Executive Committee, 1949-1951: Newtown School, Wate...
5508Newtown School, Waterford1939-1951Exam Results, 1939-1951: Newtown School, Waterford
5509Newtown School, Waterford1949-1951Executive Committee, 1949-1951: Newtown School, Wate...
18923Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/7/2/1-21925-19512 Receipt books:1: 1925 - 19462: 1937 - 1951Records of Offaly County Council
21369Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1951-1954Temporary Assistant Medical Officers Report Book: Oc...
21370Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1951-1954Assistant Medical Officer Report Book: October 1951-...
21358Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1868-1951Admission/Committal Forms of Clare District Lunatic ...
6301Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/7/1842-1951All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Belfast Board of Guardian Records
6993Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24741951-1953This collection includes the minute book of the Fall...
6297Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/3/1849-1951All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Ballycastle Board of Guardian Records
6302Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/8/1839-1951All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Castlederg Board of Guardian Records
7122Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2841c1951-1958Diaries of Mrs Edith McNutt, Bangor, County Down, de...
6304Public Record Office of Northern IrelandCAB/3/1929-1951Cabinet Secretariat, War History of Northern Ireland...Northern Ireland Cabinet Secretariat Papers
6353Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3270c1915-1951c1000 photographs of Doctor Nan Watson's career ...
6575Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16421863-19515 volumes of marriage notice books of the presbytery...
6814Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/23701951-1961Records of Glenmore Bleach Works, Hilden, Lisburn, C...
6826Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24331639-1951This large collection of c.500 volumes and 12,000 do...Caledon Papers
7046Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2637/91912-195123 letters relating to trust money left by Susan War...
7138Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/29181622-1951The papers of the Whyte family, Loughbrickland, Coun...
7726Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/77/1915-1951Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from...Gilford Town Commissioners Records
7766Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/281951Microfilmed copies of c.300 letters of condolence to...
7946Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1289/1908-c.1951T/1289/1 Pedigree of the Ingram family, Kilmood, Cou...
8253Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2197/2-31662-19512 pedigrees of the Dowglass and Waddell families, Gr...
8447Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/27111777-1951This collection comprises of c130 documents. The co...
8541Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/3049/1871-1951Copies of the records of Donegore First Presbyterian...
8682Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/7651932-1951T/765/1/1-1407 Typed copies of the Drennan letters ...
23534Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491946-1951General Council, Chairman's Agenda Book, 21 November...Mothers' Union Collection
81Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1899-1951Minute Books (Digitised):AA 14-01 RCC Minute Book 19...Roscommon County Council
82Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1908-1951Roscommon Pension Committee Minutes:24 August 1908 -...Roscommon County Council
22422Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1951-1952Salaries Book (nursing and domestic staff), 1951-195...Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital
24962Royal Irish Academy of Music 1120/111942-19516: 1942 - 1951, register of members and life members...
24974Royal Irish Academy of Music 1120/161940-19516: no date, air raid precaution notes, about gases, ...
22464Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1949-1950
Board of Management Minutes of Belfast Ophthalmic an...
13179Sligo Archives Service1864-1951Sligo gaol, Minute Book, 1864-1878. Sligo gaol, Fue...Sligo Gaol
21995St Canice's Hospital, Kilkenny1948-1951Matron's Report Book:February 1948-January 1949J...St Canice's District Lunatic Asylum
21997St Canice's Hospital, Kilkenny1940-1951Financial Statement Books:October 1940-April 1951St Canice's District Lunatic Asylum
13598Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1996.1211941-1951One notebook containing the minutes of the South Tip...
13769Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1996.1221951-1961One notebook containing the Minutes of the South Tip...
19820Tipperary Studies1886-1951Thurles Workhouse, Indoor Registers:1886-18901887-18...Thurles Poor Law Union
7637Tower Museum, Derry-LondonderryKC1882-1951The following is a selection of some of the material...Kathleen Coyle Papers
6457Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs74411951-1969Correspondence of Margaret Young (`Meg', died Februa...
10140Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss7862/1-1451903-1951Letters of M A Childers to relatives, arranged chron...Erskine Childers Papers
10398Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10066/2971941-1942
Photograph Album of Denis Johnston, 1941-1942; 1959-...Denis Johnston Papers
11148Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs50501951-1954Correspondence of Florence [Flora] M. Vere O'Bri...O'Brien Family
11901Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs76841934-1951Letters from Edith Oe Somerville to Alain Comte de S...Somerville and Ross Papers (TCD)
3649UCC Special Collections & ArchivesUC/DC781951Letter from Mrs K.R. Buckley, Laurel Mount, Highfiel...The Papers of Daniel Corkery
3666UCC Special Collections & ArchivesUC/DC7841951Letter from Sister Mary Marylin, Toledo, Ohio, apolo...The Papers of Daniel Corkery
10612UCD ArchivesFF/I/1165 (P176)1951General Election Poster [?1951] entitled 'Wives ...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10629UCD ArchivesFF/D/III/769-784 (P176)1951-1969Attendance Books for Cumann Delegates at Ard Fheisea...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
18429University of Galway ArchivesP721951Unused General Ration Book for 1951 issued by the De...Ration Book
1050Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/4/1951-1974Rates Tower Ward:46: 1951 - 195247: 1952 - 195348: 1...Records of the Finance Department
4586Waterford City Archives1949-1951Outpatient X-Ray, March 1949-November 1951.Waterford City and County Infirmary
4587Waterford City Archives1951-1954Outpatient X-Ray, November 1951-December 1954.Waterford City and County Infirmary
4589Waterford City Archives1939-1951X-Ray Record, July 1939-July 1951.Waterford City and County Infirmary
4598Waterford City Archives1950-1951X Ray Receipts Book, 24 October 1950-7 September 195...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4606Waterford City Archives32/11937-1951Dental X-Ray receipts book, 18 February 1937-25 Apri...Waterford City and County Infirmary
23296Waterford City ArchivesP30/1947-19513: Register of inmates and applications for admissio...Michael Walsh Asylum
23304Waterford City ArchivesP30/195111: Diary of the administrator of Shea and Walsh Ins...Michael Walsh Asylum
23309Waterford City ArchivesP30/1948-195116: Volume detailing payments to inmates matron and ...Michael Walsh Asylum
11285Waterford County ArchivesBox 91949-1951
Box containing miscellaneous deeds, forming part of ...Lismore Castle Papers
11456Waterford County ArchivesBox 111949-1951
Includes, among other documents, routine letters rel...Lismore Castle Papers
19210Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1954File relating to Westmeath County Council in account...Westmeath County Council
19211Westmeath County Archives Department1947-1951File relating to Vocational Education Committee, 194...Westmeath County Council
19212Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1956Free milk scheme and fertiliser and seed supply sche...Westmeath County Council
19213Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1951Particulars of lodgements received from County Surve...Westmeath County Council
19227Westmeath County Archives Department1943-1951Recurring Payments Registers:1943-1951Westmeath County Council
19242Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1964Condemned Dwellings Register:[1951-1964]Westmeath County Council
19388Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1980Athlone Urban District Council Water Rent Book:14 Fe...Athlone Local Authority Records
19400Westmeath County Archives Department1939-1951Athlone Urban District Council Register of Loans und...Athlone Local Authority Records
19407Westmeath County Archives Department1939-1951Athlone Urban District Council Register of Loans und...Athlone Local Authority Records
19409Westmeath County Archives Department1938-1951Athlone Urban District Council Register of Advances ...Athlone Local Authority Records
19434Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1990Longford/Westmeath Joint Library Committee Estimates...Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee