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5070Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 171743-1760Documents mainly legal in nature including leases re...Castletown Papers
21202King's Hospital School5/1743-19677 List of Headmistresses, 1743[1745]-1967.Mercer's School
20091Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DI/174319 Deed between Edward Noy, John Cahill and Luke Vig...Mountainstown Documents
20187Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox G/17438 Deed between Dorethea Graham, Dublin and John Cahi...Mountainstown Documents
21297Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DII/174347 Lease of land at Sreeboge and Ughtyneil by John C...Mountainstown Documents
4863National Archives of Ireland999/836/11743-1832'Book of Rules and Orders of the Right Reverend ...Mercer School Records
12209National Archives of Ireland97/46/1/2/5/1743-1751Letters of Richard Mathew to the Right Honourable, t...Pembroke Estate Papers
2979National Library of IrelandMs91211743Marriage settlement of Sir St George Gore Booth, Dub...Clements Papers
8980National Library of IrelandMs135411736-1743Fragment of a Rent Ledger relating to John Goodman's...
10657National Library of IrelandMs167051743-1776Wages Book of Charles O'Hara, the Elder, Nymphsfield...O'Hara Papers
7043Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/26311743-175437 marriage licence bonds relating to people in dist...
8681Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/7631743-1744Copy of a rental relating to a clergy widows' hospit...
6313Public Record Office of Northern IrelandCR/4/12B/11646-1743Templepatrick Presbyterian Church, County Antrim: Se...Presbyterian Church Records
7208Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/31041743-192338 documents relating to the Adams and Cowan familie...
8117Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/18391743-1811Volume of c.100 copy letters which include, for exam...
8313Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2390/11743-1833Genealogical notes from a family bible relating to t...
8609Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/496/11743-1928Copy of a genealogical table of the Ewart Family, c....
8644Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/630/21743-1920Copy pedigree of the Stavelly family of County Antri...
2284RCSI Heritage Collections1718
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Library Catalog...Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Library Catalogue
786Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryQMI/H11743-1944Schools and Education: Box file containing material ...Leinster Quarterly Meetings
22509Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland1722-1743Book of the Corporation of Weavers, 1722-1743.Records of the Corporation of Weavers
3633UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU311743-1792Ledger's of Hoare's Bank, Cork: 1743-1792 1743-1756....
16520UCD ArchivesP461743-1795Depositions before, presentments by, and recognizanc...Dublin Grand Jury Records