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11400National Archives of IrelandA1/201946-1955Carlow: Returns of Children in Foster Homes, Boarded...Department of Health
11401National Archives of IrelandA1/271936-1954Carlow: General Dispensary midwives, 1936-1954.Department of Health
4828Newtown School, WaterfordA1/21900Appeals, 1900.
5414Newtown School, WaterfordA1/201906-1907Letters, etc., regarding girls to board, 1906-1907: ...
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5418Newtown School, WaterfordA1/25Letters to Parents regarding fees, admission, etc., ...
5419Newtown School, WaterfordA1/261964-1974Salaries, 1964-1974: Newtown School, Waterford
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5421Newtown School, WaterfordA1/28Appointment of Staff, advice of Leonard Webb, etc., ...
5422Newtown School, WaterfordA1/29Diaries, Dates, Circulars, etc., no date: Newtown Sc...
1040Waterford City ArchivesLA1/20/A/11942-1945Records of the Muncipal Museum Committee, Minute Boo...Records of the Muncipal Museum Committee
5549Waterford City ArchivesLA1/2/A/1874-1900Sanitary Authority, Minute Books:1: October 1874-May...Waterford Corporation Archives