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Repository: Monaghan County Museum

Repository NameMonaghan County Museum
Address1-2 Hill Street Monaghan
EircodeH18 XP82
Telephone(047) 82928
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21513Monaghan County Museum1849I102 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21514Monaghan County Museum1849J1-4 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21515Monaghan County Museum1850K1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21516Monaghan County Museum1850L1-2 Photocopy letter and envelope. Unsigned to Mart...Moorehead Letters
21517Monaghan County Museum1850M1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21518Monaghan County Museum1850N1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21519Monaghan County Museum1851O1-5 Photocopy 3 letters and 1 envelope includes let...Moorehead Letters
21520Monaghan County Museum185103-4 Mother to Martha, undated. Family news. Letter ...Moorehead Letters
21521Monaghan County Museum1851P1-4 Two photocopied letters from her sister, family...Moorehead Letters
21522Monaghan County Museum1851Q1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. 27 January 1851....Moorehead Letters
21523Monaghan County Museum1851R1-3 Photocopied letters and envelope 22 February 18...Moorehead Letters
21524Monaghan County MuseumR2 Father on money matters.Moorehead Letters
21525Monaghan County MuseumR3 Mother on the controversy over the pope's declara...Moorehead Letters
21526Monaghan County Museum1831T1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope. Foster to Mart...Moorehead Letters
21527Monaghan County Museum1851U1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope. Thomas Moorhea...Moorehead Letters
21528Monaghan County Museum1851V1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 12 December 18...Moorehead Letters
21529Monaghan County Museum1852W1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 21 January 185...Moorehead Letters
21530Monaghan County Museum1852X1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 31 January 185...Moorehead Letters
21531Monaghan County Museum1852Y1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 21 March 1852....Moorehead Letters
21532Monaghan County Museum1852Z1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 9 April 1852. ...Moorehead Letters
21533Monaghan County Museum1853AA1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 29 August 185...Moorehead Letters
21534Monaghan County Museum1857AB1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 13 ?1857. Sar...Moorehead Letters
21535Monaghan County Museum1858AC1-6 Photocopied letter, 6 January 1858. Josephine ...Moorehead Letters
21536Monaghan County Museum1858AD1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 4 October 185...Moorehead Letters
21537Monaghan County Museum1859AE1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 4 March 1859....Moorehead Letters
21538Monaghan County Museum1859AF1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 12 March 1859...Moorehead Letters
21539Monaghan County Museum1854AG1-2 Photocopied note and envelope, 4 April 1854. '...Moorehead Letters
21540Monaghan County Museum1859AH1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 3 May 1859. S...Moorehead Letters
21541Monaghan County Museum1859AI-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 28 July 1859. ...Moorehead Letters
21542Monaghan County MuseumAJ1-12 Photocopied letters (7) and envelope. All und...Moorehead Letters
21543Monaghan County MuseumAK1-2 Photocopied letter. Undated. Josephine to Mart...Moorehead Letters
21544Monaghan County MuseumA:1-4 Photocopied letter, 18 November [?], Josephine...Moorehead Letters
21545Monaghan County MuseumAM1-2 Photocopied letter and envelope. Undated. Sara...Moorehead Letters
21546Monaghan County MuseumAN Photocopy envelope and calling cards. Mr and Mrs ...Moorehead Letters
21547Monaghan County MuseumAO Photocopy envelope, originally had contained lett...Moorehead Letters
21548Monaghan County Museum1852AQ Photocopy envelope, 4 April 1852. Originally cont...Moorehead Letters
21549Monaghan County MuseumAR Photocopy envelope. Postmarked 'Cincinnati Apr 22...Moorehead Letters
21583Monaghan County Museum18581988:96 a-c contains two letters, Sara Storey to Mar...Moorehead Letters
21584Monaghan County Museum1988:97 a-d 2 undated letters b, 'Dear Martha', tell...Moorehead Letters
21585Monaghan County Museum1988:100a-b2 letter, dated March 22 E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21586Monaghan County Museum1988: 101 a-b undated letter signed 'Your loving sis...Moorehead Letters
21587Monaghan County Museum1988: 98a-b2 My dearest Martha, undated, tells of a ...Moorehead Letters
21588Monaghan County Museum18471988: 99 a - h b1-2 undated letter re Nat's impe...Moorehead Letters
21589Monaghan County Museum18511988 102 a-b2 b1-2 letter dated 2 January 1851 signe...Moorehead Letters
21590Monaghan County Museum18501988 103a-b3 letter dated 12 /Feb/ 1850 and signed M...Moorehead Letters
21591Monaghan County Museum1987-1988There is also some correspondence between Susan Butl...Moorehead Letters