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19125Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 81826A list of annuities of £416 paid to 16 widows ...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19126Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 81826-1827A list of all those christened, married or buried at...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
16165Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1802-1826D/8/1-22 Correspondence between William Parsons and ...The Rosse Papers
16813Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1826-1837Lismore Estate:Account Book, 1826-1837, Clogheen, re...Bolton Library Archive
4224Church of Ireland CentreMs1031822-1826Committee Minutes and Resolutions, 14 December 1822-...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4225Church of Ireland CentreMs1041826-1829Committee Minutes and Resolutions, 22 April 1826-11 ...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4244Church of Ireland CentreMs1471826-1829Signature Book, 2 October 1826-28 February 1829.Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4248Church of Ireland CentreMs319-3231826-1827Payments made to teachers under the Cork Committee o...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4298Church of Ireland CentreBox No241826-1834Papers regarding Publication of Cheap Books II:Seria...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
19494Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box E18261792.05/8/1826 Draft of sworn statement regarding D...Bishop Collins
19495Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box E18261792.05/9/1826 Sworn 'information' regarding...Bishop Collins
23804Cork City and County ArchivesU1831826-1870Vestry Book 1826-1870.
23808Cork City and County ArchivesU2881826C. Eustace (?), Dieppe, to Mrs Johnson, Macroom, 30 ...
22982Cork City and County ArchivesU2961790-1807
3 account books:2 January 1790-24 December 1807, for...Cooper Penrose Papers
16495Delany Archive Box Bp.03 File JKL.1826/182619: 12 April 1826 Doyle to Sr Clare, Convent, Carlow...Papers of Dr James Doyle, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
23848Delany Archive Box Bp.03 File JKL.1826/182626: 5 May 1826 Bishop B.J. (Flaget) Bardstown, to Do...Papers of Dr James Doyle, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
19898Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1826-1935Letters regarding the establishment and maintenance ...Erasmus Smith Archives
1Irish Dominican Congregation ArchivesA101797-1826Channel Row: Account Book, number 8, 1797 - 1826, in...Dominican Archives, Cabra
22146Irish Jesuit ArchivesJ27/1826-190375 22 January 1826 -12 August 1903. A file relating ...Papers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)
22178Irish Jesuit ArchivesN8/18269 Letter from Dr Charles Russell, Maynooth College, ...Papers of Revd Dr Charles William Russell (1812-1880)
11699Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/81775-1826Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 9 September 1775-3...Kilkenny Corporation
11700Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/91826-1843Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 16 May 1826-23 Oc...Kilkenny Corporation
11814Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/G/1-41826-1833Tithe Applotment Books:1. Parish of St Mary's, N...
20155Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox C/182613 Lease of land at Drakestown, Hugh Reilly by Arthu...Mountainstown Documents
20163Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox C/182618 Lease of land in Drakestown, 1826.Mountainstown Documents
4090National Archives of Ireland1826-1828Private Index, 1826-1828, includes: Duane, Mary, con...Chief Secretary's Office/Registered Papers
4093National Archives of IrelandOP926/3/Series 11826Volume II page 608: Dalton, Jane, widow, memorial a...Official Papers
11436National Archives of IrelandMFCI/51745-1826Castletown Arra, Diocese Killaloe, Vestry Book, late...
13088National Archives of IrelandPPC27961826Petition of Elizabeth Harris, widow of a Church of I...Prisoners' Petitions and Cases, 1778-1836
15538National Archives of Ireland 999/149/191826Settlement on the marriage of John Carroll, Cahir, C...Small Private Accessions
166National Library of IrelandMs186071806-1826
Nine autograph letters, several incomplete, from Jul...Farnham Papers
174National Library of IrelandMs187531826-1838Current expenses account books of Maria Edgeworth, 1...
1969National Library of IrelandMs49571826-1831Daily report book of Carnew School on the estate of ...
2445National Library of IrelandMss9292-93461769-1826Diaries of Mary Leadbeater, nee Shackleton, of Bally...
2215National Library of IrelandMs101711826
Papers and letters of the Ussher family of Cappagh, ...Ussher Papers
3002National Library of IrelandMss9429-94481826-1846Rentals and accounts of the Gascoigne estate, County...Gascoigne Papers
3009National Library of IrelandMss9480-94811826-1833Rentals of Cormackstown and Clonmore, County Tippera...Brown of Clonboy Papers
3030National Library of IrelandMs97461825-1826Accounts of Lady Henry Moore as an administrator of ...Drogheda Papers
3459National Library of IrelandMs103711804-182619 letters to Letitia Balfour, 1825-1826 and 8 lette...Townley Hall Papers
3724National Library of IrelandMs129931803-1826Records of expenditures by William Gun Paul as execu...
9088National Library of IrelandMss14289-142901826-1894Rent Ledger and Farm Accounts, Quinlan estate, near ...
9150National Library of IrelandMs148661826-1827Personal Account Book of Mrs Lewis Johnston and her ...Inchiquin Papers
9232National Library of IrelandMs155141826Two autographed letters of Maria Edgeworth in French...
9256National Library of IrelandMs157191823
Four autographed letters of Mrs Felicia Hemans to: R...
9500National Library of IrelandMs267441826Correspondence of Maria Edgeworth and Thomas Henry L...
9585National Library of IrelandMs29791(1-17)1826-1842Rentals, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Carlow e...Bessborough Papers
9633National Library of IrelandMs273921826Letters from Mrs C Cassin to Thomas Kelly relating t...O'Bryne Papers
9634National Library of IrelandMs273941826-1827Letters relating to business and social matters from...O'Bryne Papers
9680National Library of IrelandMs29808(2-3)1826-1827Rent Rolls of the estate of F A Prittie, May-Novemb...Dunalley Papers
9687National Library of IrelandMs272331823-1826Nine letters from Helena Bellew to her husband Micha...Bellew Papers
9688National Library of IrelandMs27237c1826-1827Eight letters from Olivia Bellew to her son, Michael...Bellew Papers
9689National Library of IrelandMs272361826-1831Letters to her husband Michael Dillon Bellew from Ol...Bellew Papers
9692National Library of IrelandMs319191776-1826Rent accounts, arrears' lists etc., mostly concernin...Bellew Papers
10920National Library of IrelandMs219231826Papers in the case of Jane McBride versus Dawson Chu...
11008National Library of IrelandMs186071806-1826Nine autograph letters, some incomplete, from Julian...Farnham Papers
11044National Library of IrelandMs187531826-1838Current Expenses Account Books of Maria Edgeworth, 1...
16533Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/91826Letter from George Gould, Lisbon, to Mother M. Josep...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
16534Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/81826 Letter from Miss Angelina Gould, Messrs Gould Broth...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
16536Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/101826Letter from Angelina Gould, Lisbon, to Mother Mary J...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
6384Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/17991826-1960T/1799/1-3 Copies of 3 letters from S Dunlop, Hillh...
7016Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2535/11826-1849Manuscript notebook containing entries for baptisms ...
7903Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1182/11801-1826Copy of the Vestry Book, Derrykeighan parish, County...
6682Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1901/51826Miscellaneous correspondence relating to Midleton es...Midleton Estate Papers
7133Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/28921826-1871c70 documents relating to J and J Cooke, shipping ag...J. and J. Cooke Papers
7266Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3539/1-21826-1840Household Account Book, 1826-1830 and Recipe Book of...Thomson of Jennymount Papers
7505Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/562/1665-1826D/562/1-38 Correspondence of Massereene family, incl...Foster-Massereene Papers
7754Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/1E/1826-1980Maguiresbridge Methodist Church, County Fermanagh: M...Methodist Church Records
7921Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1226/11650-18262 paper pedigrees of the Fisher family of Scotland a...
8015Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1496/1-71826-1887This collection of 7 documents includes genealogical...
8577Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/36501826-1847Copies of letters from emancipated convicts, New Sou...
2274RCSI Heritage CollectionsLO.An/3/111826-1854Joseph Smyly's Notebook begins with commonplace ...Joseph Smyly Notebook
1122Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 381758-1826Journal 1769-1826 by Mary Leadbeater, 1758 -1826. Ty...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
1124Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 421791-1826Extracts from Mary Leadbeater Journal, edited and ar...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
1439Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 36G1826-1841Bateman-Hughes Correspondence, 1826-1841: 9 Agreeme...Handlists/Portfolio
3899Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPamphlet Box 27182693 Letter regarding Henrietta Williams Fund and Ext...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
5335Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMIX/R11826-1842History and Library: Library Committee Minutes, 1826...Limerick Monthly Meeting
22393Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1825-1826Letters and Reports and Other Documents relating to ...Kings and Queens College of Physicians
13089Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1995.4271826Summons, rent arrears, Matthew and Catherine Acheson...
13090Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1995.4281826Eviction notice, Matthew and Catherine Acheson, Clog...
6881Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs7321/1-261772-1826Rentals and Accounts of a County Leitrim estate, 177...Clements Papers
10239Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs72471802-1826Letters between Mrs Jane O'Beirne and her husband, R...
10424Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10047/61736-1826Miscellaneous correspondence of members of the Perce...Graves Papers
10487Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs2318/2-31826-1843Letters from Joseph J Fitzpatrick, 1826-1843, to: Hi...
11157Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs50971/21-51826Lists of tenants' holdings on various estates, 1826.O'Brien Family
11228Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP 33/10/1-221826-1828Correspondence relating to the first marriage settle...Courtown Papers
11248Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP33/14/611826County Wexford Election Material: Mrs Anne Phayre, S...Courtown Papers
11249Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP33/14/1021826County Wexford Election Material: Miss Percivall to ...Courtown Papers
11250Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP33/14/1081826County Wexford Election Material: [Mrs] B Droffen to...Courtown Papers
11251Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP33/14/1121826County Wexford Election Material: Mrs Frances Jessop...Courtown Papers
11252Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentP33/14/1151826County Wexford Election Material: Mrs [? J] E Le Hun...Courtown Papers
5600UCD ArchivesTU41826-1908Rules and Regulations, Minute Books, Account Book, 1...Waterford Bakers Union