3705Cork City and County ArchivesU1551816Legal documents relating to the Longfield Beatty fam...Longfield Beatty Papers
3688Cork City and County ArchivesU169/A1915-1972The Siobhan Lankford Papers include statements and t...Siobhan Lankford Papers
12531Cork City and County ArchivesU1131922Notes on the folklore of Kilbrittain by Dorothy Stop...
12532Cork City and County ArchivesU1181922Mrs A.H. Varian (née May Allman), died 27 Jan...
3691Cork City and County ArchivesU181c.1785Cloyne Diocese. Dr McKenna's Visitation Notes, c...
3694Cork City and County ArchivesU1871900-1936Miscellaneous collection, mostly material on genealo...Canon Power Papers
3699Cork City and County ArchivesU1921921Clonmult Photograph Album. Many of the photographs a...
12606Cork City and County ArchivesU101829-1929Presentation Convent, Bandon 1829-1929. A sermon pre...
12610Cork City and County ArchivesU148Letter from Phil O'Donnell, Adjutant, Waterford ...
12611Cork City and County ArchivesU169BBy Clyda and Blackwater by S. Lankford, xerox c...
12612Cork City and County ArchivesU19117891 box of 18th century legal material dealing with 25...
12998Cork City and County ArchivesU1381609-1841Youghal Corporation Records,1609-1841, includes minu...
13007Cork City and County ArchivesU1301738-1853Collection of documents regarding the Courtney famil...Courtney Papers
13059Cork City and County ArchivesU1161809-1824Correspondence, 22 letters from Philip Ryder to his ...Tivy Papers
13077Cork City and County ArchivesU1661819-1868Cork Chamber of Commerce Minutes 1819-1868.
13180Cork City and County ArchivesU1721865Xerox of a letter from Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa ...
13196Cork City and County ArchivesU11870-1900Photographs of the Aldworth family, Newmarket, Count...Aldworth photograph album
13241Cork City and County ArchivesU181892-1901(iv) List of licensed premises in Cork city, 1892-19...Beamish and Crawford Collection
13310Cork City and County ArchivesU1621909Includes a letter to 'Nuala' from Maud Gonne...Frank Healy Papers
13693Cork City and County ArchivesU171825-1936
Extracts from the Annals of Bandon Presentation Conv...
13779Cork City and County ArchivesU1511956Copy of a marriage certificate between Matthew Samue...
13807Cork City and County ArchivesU161974Manuscript of 'Refutations, corrections and comm...
14434Cork City and County ArchivesU1701871-1938The major part of the present collection comprises o...Hurley Family Emigrant Letters
14442Cork City and County ArchivesIE 627/U1921921-1925Photograph Album of the Clonmult/Midleton district c...Hallahan 'Clonmult' Photographic Album (Digitised)
19856Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Material relating to the Poor Law Union and the Boar...Dowden Papers
22984Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1843Day77/47 Committee of the Night Asylum for the House...Dowden Papers
22985Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1855Day81/12 Cork Blind Asylum, meetings, notices listin...Dowden Papers
22986Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1858Day66/32 Manuscript notes on the 'Industrious Bl...Dowden Papers
22987Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day64/44 6 posters for a Sale of Work and Concerts r...Dowden Papers
22988Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day61/43 Typed copy of a letter of thanks from Helen...Dowden Papers
22989Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1851Day80/145 Cork Central Ragged School Association, ci...Dowden Papers
22990Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1843
Day80/100 Cork Eye Dispensary, notice of establishme...Dowden Papers
22991Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845-1851Day80/39 Cork Ladies Anti-Slavery Society, Boston Ba...Dowden Papers
22992Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day80/99 Cork Lunatic Asylum, rules of the Privy Cou...Dowden Papers
22993Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845Day80/135 Tenders for a new asylum presented at a me...Dowden Papers
22994Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845Day80/97 Cork Lying-in Hospital, medical report, 184...Dowden Papers
22995Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845DAy80/70 Notice of a public ball, 1 November 1845.Dowden Papers
22996Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1850-1851Day82/11 Medical Reports 1850-1851; invitation to Mr...Dowden Papers
22997Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day76/24 Family Endowment Society.Dowden Papers
22998Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845Day 80/94 Matters relating to the Grand Jury, includ...Dowden Papers
22999Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day80/22 Irish Universal Suffrage Association, aims ...Dowden Papers
23000Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day80/87 Magdalen asylum, appealing for aid.Dowden Papers
23002Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day82/13 North Charitable Infirmary, meeting of trus...Dowden Papers
23216Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1854P/A22 Cork Ladies Auxiliary to the Irish Church Miss...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23001Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/Day80/103 National Complete Suffrage Union, Memorial...Dowden Papers
23003Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1844Day 80/107 Annual Report of the North Charitable Inf...Dowden Papers
23217Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1860P/A37 Industrial Ragged School report for the year e...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23218Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/P/1872
A42: Masonic Female Orphan School, Dublin, 1872 prog...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23219Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1856P/A55 St Luke's male and female infant daily sch...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23220Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1851P/C 34 Katherine Bullen, Sunday's Well Road to H...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23221Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1850P/C 61 L. Dubos, Brentford Butts, Seagrave Place, Bo...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23222Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1849P/C 79 Lucy Gibbons (no address given) to Hewitt, 30...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23225Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/P/C 105111 Letters form Florence Hewitt, Sydney Plac...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23226Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/P/C 117-120 Mary Hewitt to 'My dear Tom', February, ...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23223Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1842P/C 89 Charlotte Hewitt (aunt) to 'My dear Tom&#...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23224Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1851P/C 94 6/6/1851 Dr Charles Hewitt (Sydney Place, Cor...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23227Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1849P/C 85 M. Kenny, Liverpool to 'Most Dear kind Sir', ...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23228Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1851-1866P/C 219-225 Anne and Thomas Love, 67 Evergreen, Cork...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23229Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1860P/C 377 Sarah Widen, Stormont House, Notting Hill, t...Thomas Hewitt Papers
23246Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1848150: Letter from Anne E. Osborne Bootle to Richard D...Dowden Papers
23247Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1848162: Letter from the Dowager Countess Grey, Woolbodi...Dowden Papers
23248Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/188: Letter from Susan D. Osborne to 'My Dear Uncle'...Dowden Papers
23249Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/198: Letter from Maria Hall to Richard Dowden, no da...Dowden Papers
23250Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1851199: Letter from Maria Hall to Richard Dowden, 28 Ju...Dowden Papers
23251Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1852200: Letter from Maria Hall to Richard Dowden, relat...Dowden Papers
23252Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1853217: Letter from Emma Whyatt, 12 Swan Street, to Ric...Dowden Papers
23253Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1853224: Letter from Lady Beecher to Richard Dowden, off...Dowden Papers
23254Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1859254: Letter from Lady Beecher to Richard Dowden in w...Dowden Papers
23255Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1857243: Letter from Lady Beecher to Richard Dowden, rel...Dowden Papers
23256Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1859252: Letter from Cornelia Hogan, Dublin, to the Secr...Dowden Papers
23257Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/265: Letter from the Honourable Mary Eden Cove of Co...Dowden Papers
23258Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/174: A file of four letters between George Flower an...Dowden Papers
23803Cork City and County ArchivesU1831905-1965Vestry Book, 1905-1965, this includes parish account...
23804Cork City and County ArchivesU1831826-1870Vestry Book 1826-1870.
23259Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/176: Manuscript copy of a letter from George Flower ...Dowden Papers
23805Cork City and County ArchivesU1831793-1824Castlehaven Vestry Minutes. These include a vestry b...
24023Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 20 Comprises of miscellaneous legal documents, m...Colthurst Papers
24024Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 19 Comprises of miscellaneous legal documents, m...Colthurst Papers
24025Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 18 Comprises of miscellaneous legal documents, m...Colthurst Papers
24026Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 17 Comprises of legal documents.Colthurst Papers
24027Cork City and County ArchivesU1961907Box 16 Comprises of legal documents, many relating t...Colthurst Papers
24028Cork City and County ArchivesU1961907
Box 15 Contains legal documents and a number of docu...Colthurst Papers
24029Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 14 Comprises of legal documents mostly relating ...Colthurst Papers
24030Cork City and County ArchivesU1961898Box 13 Comprises of legal documents, a number of whi...Colthurst Papers
24031Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 12 Comprises of legal documents.Colthurst Papers
24032Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 11 Comprises of legal documents.Colthurst Papers
24033Cork City and County ArchivesU1961909Box 10 Comprises of legal documents including tenant...Colthurst Papers
24034Cork City and County ArchivesU1961881
Box 9 Contains legal documents including marriage se...Colthurst Papers
24035Cork City and County ArchivesU1961845
Box 8 Contains legal documents, many of which relate...Colthurst Papers
24036Cork City and County ArchivesU1961859Box 7 Contains legal documents, many which relate to...Colthurst Papers
24037Cork City and County ArchivesU1961901Box 6 Contains legal documents, a number which relat...Colthurst Papers
24038Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 5 Includes similar material to U196/Box 4Colthurst Papers
24039Cork City and County ArchivesU1961900-1901Box 4 Includes correspondence relating to the estate...Colthurst Papers
24040Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 3 Includes rentalsColthurst Papers
24041Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 2 Includes rentalsColthurst Papers
24042Cork City and County ArchivesU196Box 1 Includes rentalsColthurst Papers
3632UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU171734
A volume entitled `Rebecca Ridgeway Manuscript', com...
3639UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU122Miscellaneous collection relating to the Crawford an...
3641UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1551906-1910
Late nineteenth century Account Book for business of...
9877UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Box52a/5431931Letter from Sister M Conception, Limerick, to Tadhg ...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
9878UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Envelope52/5651937Notecard from Maire Ni Raghallaigh, 27 September 193...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
9879UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Box55/5.2-5.31931Two versions of `Eachtra an Ghliomaigh Chab-odhair: ...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
3655UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1931944-1945Collection of Stencilled typewritten sheets, 'Co...
3679UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU118/Box21920-1921Includes statements on damages to private property a...O'Rahilly Papers
9880UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Box56/1.141918Circular relating to the Irishwomen's International ...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
9881UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Box56/2.141923Leaflet, `An appeal to the women of Ireland', 26 Feb...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
9882UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU115/Box56/3.21916Flyer for the Infant Welfare Propaganda Committee re...Tadgh Ó Donnchadha Papers
9808UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU118/Box261939-1945Typescript and printed material relating to a propos...O'Rahilly Papers
13008UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1161750Manuscript entitled 'An accurate treatise of the who...
13783UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1911958Pamphlet entitled 'Unpublished discarded proof of "C...
21951UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751825Box 1 comprises of legal documents, for example, a s...
21952UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751984Box 2 comprises of legal documents, for example, rel...
21953UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 3 contains legal documents, some relating to wom...
21954UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 4, includes legal documents and correspondence m...
21955UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751892Box 5 contains legal documents, many of which relate...
21957UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751769Box 7 contains legal documents, Marriage Settlements...
21956UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751721-1807
Box 6 contains documents relating to Skiddy's Almsho...
21958UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751895Box 8 contains legal documents, for example, Chancer...
21959UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751819Box 9 contains legal documents including a Deed of P...
21960UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 10 contains legal documents, for example, leases...
21961UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 11 contains legal documents, for example, leases...
21962UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751876Box 12 contains legal documents, 19th century, many ...
21963UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 14 consists of rentals and accounts of P J Crema...
21965UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 15 contains legal documents and rentals.
21966UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751906-1908
Box 16 contains 2 Rent Ledgers, the first, Dr Cremen...
21967UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751911-1915
Box 17 contains two Cash Books, of Dr Bernard Dooly ...
21968UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751916-1922Box 18 contains Cash Account Book of Dr Bernard Dool...
21964UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751937Box 15 includes material pertaining to Skiddy's Alms...
21969UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751953-1958Box 19 contains 5 Rent Books of Bernard Dooly and So...
21970UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751928-1935Box 20 includes a damaged Letter Book of Bernard Doo...
21971UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751825Box 21 includes legal documents including a number r...
21972UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 22 contains legal documents, including those rel...
21973UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 23 contains legal documents, early 19th century,...
21974UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751915-1921Box 24 contains an Account Book of Bernard Dooly wit...
21975UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751913-1923Box 25 includes an Account and Rent Book, unidentifi...
21976UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751921-1937Box 26 contains a Letter Book of W L Perrier and Son...
21977UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 27 contains legal documents, many in a damaged c...
21978UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751923-1927Box 28 contains receipts and fragment of a Account a...
21979UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751950-1952Box 29 contains receipts and a Rent Ledger of Bernar...
21980UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU175Box 30 contains 2 illegible legal documents.
5602UCD ArchivesTU171890-1938Reports, rules and regulations of the Irish National...Operatives Bakers
5580UCD ArchivesTU121942-1980Draft constitution, rules and changes of rules, 1947...Irish Actors' Equity Association
5599UCD ArchivesTU11842-1960Incorporating records of the Limerick Guild of Baker...Irish Bakers', Confectioners' and Allied Workers' Union, Limerick